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It was a looooong day.  It started by dragging our tired bodies out of bed to go pick Madie up at 8:00am.  Then home to start cleaning the house and getting lots of chores done.  I made a chore chart for the kids in order for me to get help with chores and for the puddles to earn some money.

I took Ben to art class and then home.  By this point I was exhausted.  The week had officially caught up to me, so I took a nap.  The Lord knew that I needed a nap to face my next challenge . . . lice.   Yes, I discovered lice on M. Poor girl.  I immediately went to the store to buy shampoo for six people (our girls -Ben wouldn’t have gotten shaved if he had it and the girls who came over the previously evening to get ready).  I dropped off the shampoo at the friends’ house with my sincere apologies and then headed home to start on Madie.  8 hours later, I was finished.  When I finished at 4:00am on Madie’s head, I drove to church to spray all of the places that Madie put her head down and bagged up all of the pillows that she used at the lockin.  The only good part about that evening was that I was able to real time text with Chris at 5:00am because he was up and touring parts of Turkey at the time.  That was fun.  But then I crashed and went to bed to sleep for a few hours, before I started the next day.20140505-131920.jpg20140505-132005.jpg 20140505-131943.jpg 20140505-131929.jpg


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Friday was VERY busy.  We started off with Madie’s school and going to Pastries with Parents before school started.  Madie’s school always has GOOD coffee.  There was a book fair at Madie’s school, so she and I stopped there for some shopping before heading home.  A couple hours of work and then headed to the Third Grade Picnic with Ainsley.  I had fun eating hot dogs with Ainsley and her friends.  She decided to stay at school instead of coming home with me.  So I headed home to do some more work before heading back to school to bring snacks to Ben’s AR party.  He loves it when I bring ice cream cups for everyone.  This is my third AR party and apparently the kids look forward to the ice cream, so there is no chance that I will get to change it to something else!

I picked up both kids and then decided to surprise Madie by picking her up from school instead of making her ride the bus home.  She was thrilled!  To top it off we headed over and picked up two of her friends so that they could all get ready for the Murder Mystery Dinner/Lockin at church.  It was fun hearing the girls giggling upstairs while they got ready for the party.  They were all dressing up like different characters and pretending to go to an awards show.  We bought Madie that dress the week prior and I told her that it was perfect for this character because I would NEVER let her wear it again!!!!  Then we headed to church.  A & B went to the back room to spend endless hours playing with their electronics while I worked in the kitchen for the Murder Mystery Party.  It was a lot of fun, but a lot of work.  My back was pretty sore by the end of the night due to bending over the sink to wash dishes.  I washed A LOT of dishes.  Whose idea was it to serve the kids three courses?  The kids loved it.  I hope the church does it again.  I think it should be an annual event!  It was worth washing all of those dishes just to see their smiles and hear their laughter.  Then the youngest two and I headed home to bed!


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20140502-125510.jpg 20140502-125440.jpgYesterday was a day of work followed by our scout evening.  Each child has scouts that night.  Madie’s troop went on a field trip to a recording studio.  The girls even got to record three camp songs.  They had so much fun and really enjoyed learning about all of the science of recording.    Then it was off to home and bed.  Mom went home to laundry, chores, and then bed.  But all went to bed after a long evening of Girl/Boy Scouts.

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