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July 4th!

4th-1A day of rejoicing!  We all sang Happy Birthday America in the car on the way to the parade.  Fourth of July in Texas brings up an entire new conversation with my new Texans (former Nebraskans).  What are those other flags?  Is it Texas’ birthday too?  Why are they every where on America’s birthday?  Did George Washington make Texas?  Who is Sam Houston?  Then why are we not our own nation still?  On and on and on.  It made for a fascinating Fourth of July!

For years our children have ridden in the ambulance as a part of Patriotism Days in Geneva.  This year we went to the Friendswood Fourth of July Parade with all of our cousins.  Having never caught any candy themselves (because they were the ones throwing candy) they were looking forward to catching a “boatload” of candy.  But they don’t pass out candy at the parades in Friendswood (something about children getting hurt by running into the road.  I guess those cornhuskers make a tougher breed of children.)  We had lots of sad eyes about the candy, but the eyes turned to joy when they saw the marching bands, cheerleaders,  drill teams, tumblers, etc.  All of the parades that they had attended before did not have those elements.  They thought that was cool!  When Ben saw the tractors coming down the road he got excited until  they were done and he said, “the tractors in Texas are tiny.”  Of course they are in the non-farming town of Friendswood!

All in all it was a great day of parades, time with family, eating Texas barbeque, and the joy of being a part of something new and different.  We were sitting in Sunday school the next day talking about what we did yesterday on the fourth, and after sharing his day Ben says, “It was cool! But let me tell you about Nebraska, it is like heaven!”  I am so glad my children have joyful memories of our time there.  It is a year later and we are still adjusting to this new life in Texas, but it is days like this that make us thankful that we are right where we are.4th-2

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