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We went and saw


. It was a cute movie. We all loved it. It was a fun way to spend the afternoon. Even Dad was able to join us. Of course he spent the rest of the day speaking in a Scottish accent! Oh the price we pay for a good movie!!!

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Ainsley swimming freestyle for first time

Ben swimming breast stroke

Ainsley wouldn’t put her face in the water at the beginning of the week.  Now she is a fish.  While Ben has just gotten the true hang of swimming, he learned the breast stroke this week and he coordinated his stroke and kick rather well for the first week!

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Quote of the day


“Mommy, may I massage your feet?”
“That would be wonderful, Ainsley.”
Then Ainsley shows up construction gear. Are my feet that bad?

Yes. Yes they are.

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We stopped after church on Sunday and bought a ton of peaches and other produce. And as part of our tradition we washed one off on the way home and ate it.

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Poor kitty

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Yes. That’s right chicken pox.  Several years ago, we had chicken pox run through all 3 kids, plus Gordon and Aunt Debra.  All thanks to my shingles that went undiagnosed for a long time before I finally went to the doctor (I kept attributing the pain, rash, and other horrible symptoms to other things, because I was too young for shingles.  That’s for old people!  Wrong!)  It took MONTHS for everyone to get it and recover. It stunk!

So when Madie came to me last night covered in red bumps on her torso, I was perplexed. What could it be?  I thought bed bugs first.  We had been sleeping in very nice hotel on vacations, and I’ve heard of that happening but she shared a bed with everyone at some point (so shouldn’t someone else have bug bites too. and I thoroughly checked both of the other puddles. no bites.).  None of the spots were in exposed areas, so it had me stumped.  We went to see our pediatrician who specializes in their diagnosing skills.  We even managed to stump her.  All of the doctors came to look at Madie.  Madie has had both chicken pox vaccines and she had a small case in 2009, so theorectically she should be immune to chicken pox.  The doctors all said it looks like chicken pox, but she shouldn’t have chicken pox.  So they took a blood test, but we do not find out the results until Monday or Tuesday.  We have to assume it is chicken pox until we hear otherwise.

I even called back to the doctor to see if possibly it was chiggers, but was told no. I tried. Poor Madie. She is missing a slumber party tonight, a birthday party tomorrow, and acolyting on Sunday (which she has been waiting for  months to do).  Poor thing.  Our doctors are excellent and doing the best job that they can.  But sense they are ones that actually looked at the spots, stared at them under a magnifying glass, and have the initials M.D. after their names  . . . I will take their word first!  So we are in quaruntine until we hear otherwise!

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We went back to Girard cemetery after lunch. After we found Dad’s nana in the newer section we spent time cleaning up the families headstones. Madie recorded all of the info. She was an excellent family historian. We even found the death record of baby Grace, my Dad’s older sibling who was stillborn.

So we visited almost every town in Crawford county. For my family has lived in the county for generations and I think we visited every site!!!

It was fun to see everything and record the history if it all!

But alas, all good things must end. The kids are getting their swimming in right now and tomorrow we will be heading home!

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We are searching for the Conder side in the Girard cemetery. The kids are the most awesome at looking for names on grave markers. But this time it took a trip to city hall to find the final places that we couldn’t find the last time.

We stopped at Puzza hut for lunch and now that our bellies are full we are headed out again.

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Big Brutus

See the specks in the wheel base of this steam shovel? Those are the kids with Papa. This steam shovel is crazy big!!!

Thank goodness for Papa and Grandma! Because I am currently on the ground while they climb 50 feet into the air(in an open to the air staircase) to go check out Big Brutus. There is no way I can watch the kids go out there! I can’t handle it when Chris calls me from the hospital to tell me that he and Ben are currently looking out the window from the 21st floor and watching the train go by. And that is behind a solid window!!!

This machine is huge and we are the only ones at the museum, so that makes it even better. I wish Chris was here because he would really love all of this stuff too.



My feet. Right where all feet should be.

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Ben is journaling about his adventures. It is always interesting when they share what theirhighlights of the day are!

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