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And any other type of controversial discussion that would normally reside on the “don’t talk about . . . “ list when spending leisure time with family.

  1. Listen . . . instead of talking.
  2. Asking questions of the other person in order to better understand their point of view.
  3. Actively listen when the other person is talking instead of trying to think of what you want to say next.
  4. Stick to facts that can be verified.
  5. Do not raise your voice.
  6. Be willing to question your own viewpoint.
  7. Always seek to find areas of commonality.
  8. Always be respectful.
  9. And if you are having a discussion and it is quickly going sideways or the other person clearly isn’t interested in a “discussion” and isn’t playing by the same set of rules like the ones listed above, you have two choice:
    1. Say, “it sounds like we will have to agree to disagree.”
    2. Go to Rules 1, 5, and 8.
  10. Finally . . . No matter what, nothing is more important that family and friends. Including politics.

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