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finally do some spring cleaning.  I’ve been feeling really guilty about the state of mess in our house.  Don’t look too closely at anything or you’ll notice  that the broom hasn’t touched any of the corners lately.  I hate that.  I really bothers me.  I don’t like it that you can barely shut half of the drawers or closets in this house or if you could shut them, I would die if you opened it up and actually looked inside.  So the kids and I worked really hard to clean today.  The playroom has never looked to so great (although if I added purging to my spring cleaning it would look even better, but one thing at a time.).  We actually pulled all of the furniture from the walls and swept and mopped. Every surface was wiped down.  And what was really neat was that the kids and I did it together.  Every bed has clean everything on them (not just the sheets). Every blanket or stuffed animal is clean.  All the laundry is done. Every toilet is scrubbed. Even some of the pet projects were accomplished (like the kitchen drawers were all cleaned out with new lining put in).

Not everything is completely finished (the sink is still full of dishes, but Chris promised that he wanted to do it tomorrow). But it certainly feels better around here.  I am so glad, and I am so tired.  But a very satisfying tired.   I have promised myself that we don’t have to clean anything tomorrow.  The kids helped so much that they have earned the right to play.  So we will go to church and then come home and do anything but spring cleaning.  That will be nice.

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We are sitting at dinner and Madie says in a sing-song voice, “I know about the rutabaga!”


“I know all about what you have done with the rutabaga,” declares Madie with a glee in her eye.

“What are you talking about?”  And then it dawns on me . . . ” You mean you read my blog!!”

“Yep,” she giggles.

I guess it’s time to set my blog to private or be more careful with what I write!

Then Ainsley cries out with her arms crossed and her eyes mere slits, “You broke the Promise of the Rutabaga!!!”

“What promise? I didn’t make any promises.”

“Yes you did.  A long two months ago!”

At this point I’m laughing so hard that I start to choke.  They are certainly all precious.

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Do you . . .

. . . stop and roll down the window to listen to the train as it rumbles past (and it is important to wave to the conductor!)?

. . . see a turtle crossing the street and then run out in your pajamas to check it out?

. . . go to Sonic during happy hour to order a really cool drink because you need to celebrate the normalcy of the end of the school day?

. . . sit at dinner and go around the table telling each other what was special about your day?

. . . celebrate the fact that you have been watching that squirrel make numerous attempts to eat out of your birdfeeder and it finally left defeated?

. . . take an extra five minutes in the morning to cuddle in bed when one of your children crawls in and says he/she just needs more hugs to wake up?

. . . turn off your favorite TV program in order to spend the next hour “judging” your kids while the perform their acts for their version of “America’s Got Talent”?

. . . drink the coffee (?) and eat the breakfast (?) that your children decided to surprise you with because they thought you needed some more love?

. . . throw out the alarm clock and tell everyone to crawl into bed with you so that the whole family can watch Saturday cartoons together?

. . . buy cans of Rutabaga and hide them around the house so that the kids find it and think they have saved themselves from ever eating it because it is now in the trash (eventhough there are 10 more cans hidden in other places)?

. . . pin blankets around their necks so that they can be super heroes for the day?

. . . put on a snotty English accent while your children do “beauty shop” on you?

. . . come up with an endless list of play scenarios that they can play pretend with until they finally get tired of your nonstop list making and run out of the room crying, “ENOUGH!” only to find out that they took half of your list and combined it (Princess leia is on a navy ship running from the cowboys who are trying to steal her babies while her husband, the knight,  fends off the sharks with his gun.)?

. . . see new buds on your rose bush and bring all of the kids over to “smell the roses”?

We do.  And it is worth it.

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A kind of hodge-podge day

Today has been an assortment of stories . . .

No phone, no tv, no internet

Makes for a quiet house, but allowed me to take a break from work and get a guilt-free shower.  Of course, I had hoped that it would be out for a while so I could make a run to the grocery store, but it was not to be.  At least when I got back to work I was clean!

The Little Girl is Upset

Ainsley gets in the car and states that she is upset because some of the kids in her class got in trouble and this made her sad.  “Why can’t everyone just behave?”

Where is the can opener?

I have one can opener.  It is having issues.  It won’t open the cans completely and then I can’t fix it without saying curse words under my breath and a crowbar.  But I don’t open too many cans so I forget that I hate the can opener.  Well . . . Chris decided to throw it away (I didn’t like it after all), but neglected to tell me.  So I needed to open a can for dinner tonight and . . . no can opener.  Chris had to find a pocket knife.  Now I just have to remember to buy a can opener!

Reality vs. Fantasy

Ben’s stories are really good.  He gets compliments all of the time.  But now I can’t get a straight story out of him.  Everything that happens winds up getting majorly embellished these days.  I have found that I am asking a lot, “Ben. Really?”  Got to real him back in without crushing his ability to tell awesome stories.

The car says it’s 120 degrees outside.

I can’t make this up.  While waiting for 45 minutes in the car rider line at school, the car actually read 120 degrees.  It is a scorcher outside.  I was walking into the house after getting the kids and looking at the porch furniture and wondering when I sat on them last.  It is hard to say with nearly 40 days of over 100 degrees.  Having grown up in this weather, I beginning to think that I am a misplaced Yankee sometimes.  The north and it’s seasons are calling me today.  “Move north.  Move where God has blessed the land with sweet cool wind.” it whispers to me.  Last week, Madie noticed the house down the street that had been toilet papered. I told her that happened three days ago.  Only then did I realize that the kids hadn’t left the house for three whole days.  That’s not good.  At least they are all in school now.

I’ve got to watch what I say.

I asked the kids to turn off all of the extra lights and clothes curtains.  The power company is threatening rolling blackouts.  I made the mistake of telling the kids. So when they walked into the bathroom and the bulb had turned out they thought the black out had started.  They walked around for the rest of the night with flashlights.  At least they had fun with the idea even though I was terrified of no a/c.

It finally rained!!!

Is it ok to be jealous of the East Coast right now and the possibility of hurricane slamming into their coast?  Because I am terribly green with envy.  We did get a wonderful rainstorm tonight.  The kids danced in the rain.  We were all terribly excited.  Even though it cooled down the world for a little bit . . . I could go for a hurricane.

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Our last swim

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Vacation Photos 3

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They look happy!

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