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After only 4 hours of sleep, we managed to only leave town an hour past our scheduled departure time. I stayed up late and finished packing everything while Chris went to bed earlier and then woke up early to put everything in the car. It was a good plan until the morning rush included two stops in town before we could even leave. One to exchange a new gun for Ben for one that didn’t work and one to pick up items at church that we couldn’t leave town without.

We couldn’t even start packing our stuff together until dinner time on Sunday. Madie wound up needing to go to the doctor on Sunday before we left town because she had a bladder infection. Poor thing. That would have stunk being stuck in a car with that illness. I am glad we got it all figured out before we left town!!

Luckily Chris’ parents were not upset that we were arriving late to our rendezvous. Our course, it would be more shocking if we made it on time.

So we have arrived in Amarillo, for our first evening and we have enjoyed a fabulous meal (at least mine was) at a steak house and the kids got to swim before heading to bed. A great way to end the day!! Tomorrow we head to New Mexico and prepare for our mountain top adventure!!!

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