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Pictures are enough to show how happy that we are right now.

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The morning started with Muffins with Mom at the elementary school.  It was fun!  Then back home for a long day at work.  Madie ended up being sick, so she stayed home and tried to get better.  By the end of the day, she sounded ten times better, so a day of rest was perfect. This is the last day without Dad.  He is coming home today!20140510-112221.jpg

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Thursday was a busy day.  Besides work we have scouts on Thursday.  Ainsley’s troop earned the 2nd of the journey award by performing their skits about stereotypes.  They did a good job. Then I went to pick up Madie from school after her orchestra went to a contest.  They didn’t do as well as Madie wanted them to do, but they still did well. Then back to Girl Scouts for Madie’s troop meeting.  The girls learned to sew.  They had so much fun!  And as a miracle, we all brought enough sewing machine for each girl to have her own. They made “snakes” for the NICU.  They are long stuffed tubes that the NICU uses around the babies to help swaddle them.  The girls enjoyed making them.  Next week they have decided to make even more!

It was fun seeing the girls excited about making something that they can give to someone else.

20140510-111500.jpg 20140510-111442.jpg

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Today was a day of work. We ended up not going to Wednesday at the Tree in order for me to put a longer day in at work. The kids were sad, but they were also somewhat understanding.  But luckily I was in my office  most of the time, so I didn’t have to see the sad faces too much.

But it is also Teacher Appreciation Week.  We sent something to school each day.  I thought I would include the pictures.  It was fun.  The kids love taking the gifts each day.  I forgot to take pictures on Monday and Friday, so I’m including pictures of the ones online that I got the idea from.




Tuesday – Altoids


Wednesday – Sharpies


Thursday – Hand Sanitizer from Bath and Body Works


Friday – Gift Card to Starbucks

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Papa and Grandma Lake came and helped us today.  Chris won an award from the kids’ elementary school.  He was invited to a huge banquet at the Lone Star Convention center to be presented an award.  It was a huge dinner.  About 1000 people attend.  This was WAAAAY out of my comfort zone.  1000 people?  Hanging out with people I don’t know?  Yuck.  But out of love for Chris, I attended.  His dad joined me for the evening.  Thank goodness his Dad came.  The evening went way better.  Dinner was good, and his dad walked up front to pick up the award.

And to top it off, the girls got Grandma to take them to all of their evening activities.  It turned out to be a great evening.

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We can’t wait for Daddy to come home!  Ben spent part of the beautiful afternoon (after homework, of course!) playing basketball.


I got to talk to Chris today before the kids got home.  He wasn’t able to call later.  I miss him terribly.  I hate not having my best friend around.  I mean we talk over FaceTime on occasion, but it is not the same.  I am looking forward to him being home again. I know the kids really miss Dad too.  Plus my patience is wearing thin. Madie was sweet tonight and offered to rub my feet if I let her stay up and watch her tv show.  Of course I said yes!    I feel a lot better, but now it is time to clean up, fold several loads of laundry and head to bed myself!

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Sleep and laundry.  These were the themes of the days for Sunday.  We got most of it done, and then we had some delightful visitors that afternoon.  Friends came over and brought dinner and another friend came over and mowed the yard for Chris.  It was awesome and nice.  We are still exhausted and struggling to start the week with energy.  But Sunday was a nice way to end the weekend.

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