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Ainsley's First Day of Preschool 2009 - 1

Ainsley’s first day at St. James Episcopal School in the preschool class was a lot of fun! She had a great time in class eventhough she had six stitches behind her left ear.  Yes. That’s right.  Ainsley is my first kid to have stitches.  Ben says he had stitches first, but they really don’t count since they looked like twist ties in his chest!  His words. Don’t worry. Papa and Grandma Grace have already threatened to come and get her and the other children so that no more harm will come to them.

First off, there were three adults in the house when it happened and we still didn’t see it.  Secondly, she did go somewhere where she knows that she is not allowed.  And thirdly, I feel bad enough already that my baby got hurt!!!!

Ainsley climbed on top of the second bunk in Ben’s room.  She fell off the bed and was wedged between the wall and the bunk bed.  She had a plastic headband on her head and the headband cut through the back of her ear.  We called her pediatrician and they don’t do stitches!!!  We called the doctor who Chris and I go to (who happens to also be a member of the church) and he met Chris in his clinic after hours and quickly sewed Ainsley up.

Ainlsey was a brave soul and only whimpered.  Her reward  was getting to go to preschool which she absolutely loves!!!

Ainsley's First Day of Preschool 2009 - 2Ainsley's First Day of Preschool 2009 - 3Ainsley's First Day of Preschool 2009 - 5Ainsley's First Day of Preschool 2009 - 6

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We have been preparing for Ben’s first day of school for three months.  We purchased new clothes and supplies.  We had picked out a special first day of school outfit.  When the day came for the first day of Kindergarten, Ben comes down the stairs wearing this t-shirt that he has outgrown and worn one too many times.  He loves this shirt.  I’m thinking about all of the photos I plan on taking that day and how I will immortalize the first day of kindergarten in my mind with this image.

Then Chris pointed out that this was probably the MOST appropriate shirt in his entire closet.  Because . . . the day before Ben tried (and succeeded!) in using a piece of 2×4 wood to “surf” down the stairs.  He confessed to his deed with a proud glint in his eye.  We weren’t sure whether to praise him for his creativity or scold him for his dangerous behavior.  So we told him “Not to do that again” and “very creative use of your imagination.”  We thought we were done until I asked Ben to take the laundry basket downstairs.  I came out of his room only to see him sitting inside the laundry basket while teetering on the stairs trying to launch himself in the basket down the stairs!!  Again, he did not technically break any rules!  So after yelling, “Ben DON’T do that!”  I explained all of the things that we could not do on the stairs.  I hope that I covered it all!!!!!

In the end, Ben had a great day on his first day of kindergarten all the while wearing his favorite t-shirt.

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Today was the day that would start my freedom in the morning.  But alas, it was not to be.  Ainsley was home sick, so I took Ben and Madie to school while Daddy stayed home with Ainlsey.

Ben had a great day!  He jumped right into class. Despite the fact that he can’t play outside because of the heat, he managed to make the day good.  Madie hopped in the car today and said that her day was “fabulous!”  This should be a sign of things to come!!!


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Our Ben . . .

DSC09914small-1We heard bitter sweet news yesterday from Ben’s cardiologist.  The surgeon agrees with our doctor that Ben needs surgery soon in order to try to save his aortic valve which we are happy to hear.  We were not excited about the fact that Ben would have to have an artificial valve.  The bitter news is that they found additional malformations.  The sinotubular junction (an area of the aorta directly above the aortic valve) is also narrowed.  Although we were knew this news was coming, today is the day we have to start living in reality and face the upcoming drama that will face our BenBen and our family.

We are stunned and still in a state of shock today.  Life must still go on. The kids still have to go to school.  Chris still needs to work.  I still have a household to run (or reclaim).  I hope to find the will today to start preparing.  Like a mother in her ninth month of pregnancy, I too must start to “nest.”  To prepare my household and my children for the chaos that will soon erupt.

We are hoping that Ben will be able to have his surgery in a month.  Enough time to get a good start to school and enough time for the major drama to subside before the advent season approaches.  I cannot wait to be on the other side of this.  I look forward to the day a year from now that I will say, “I am glad that this is all over!”

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