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It is the 3rd week of summer and we are running out of ideas to do inside. When it is that hot outside, everything outside feels terrible!  Even the A/C inside the house is struggling to keep up with it all.  Part of our daily routine includes going around and shutting all of the blinds and curtains to keep the sun out!  104 degrees in the shade is just toooo hot!

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She is earning money today organizing the bathroom cabinets. She thought she should put up a note of warning! I can’t wait to see the finished product.

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Look at all of them reading! Even Chris is reading a book on his iPad! I love a quiet house while everyone is curled up and reading a good book.

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Two beautiful ducks!

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It is going to be a fun pool filled summer!!

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Of course since this picture, we have made several more trips to the store to buy dozens of more duct tape. We are becoming a duct tape family. The kids all love it. It is a fun way to be creative! You should see everything that we have made.

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I got this picture at the 3rd grade picnic! They are both enjoying the hot dogs and other goodies! It is so sweet to see Ben and his new friend together.

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The kids at church have really enjoyed spending time in the garden this year. Even my puddles enjoy going on their own to pick vegetables. The four of us went one afternoon and pick the huge bounty that’s on the kitchen counter.

It has been fun watching the kids enjoy the garden while watching the vegetables grow waiting until they can be picked. “Is it ready?” Is a common question out there.

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Sometimes this picture feels like a reflection of life. Three cultures sitting on the roof waiting for their next target. Just hoping that the next target is not me!



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Madie’s final concert of the year! She played wonderfully and then was given a medal for best student in 5th grade! We are so proud of her!



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