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We started the morning with an echo of Ben’s heart.  According to Dr. Altman, Ben’s aortic valve has increased its leaking.  It is still considered mild to moderate and there is not a reason to intervene surgically yet.  We go back in six months for another echo and visit with Dr. Altman.  She is going to meet with Dr. Feig, Ben’s nephrologist, to discuss weaning Ben off of some medicine.  We should have some of those answers in a month.  Lastly, the doctor told us that Ben has restrictions again this summer.  Her words, “He can be outside as long as he is in water.”  So Chris and I are trying to figure out how to apply that to Ben and yet still let him be a boy.  Baseball? Boy Scout Camp? Recess? PE? Church Camp? All very important things that Ben REALLY wants to do.  So we got to figure this out.  Soon enough.  Luckily it is not too hot right now.  It is downright gorgeous.  So no worries yet.

We followed our visit with another blood drawn with ice cream rewards and then went on home.  It’s been a long day.  So tired. We had good news and bad today.  But overall, very acceptable news that we can deal with.

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Quote of the Day

As retold to me by his Sunday school teacher so I hope I got it right.

Ben and Ainsley were sharing stories in Sunday School.  Ben was sharing his story when Ainsley said, “Ben, are you telling the truth?”

“Ainsley, you know I have to add to my story to make it sound better.”

I don’t think I got the quote verbatim, but the point is still the same.  And if you know Ben . . . it is the absolute truth.  He truly has the gift of storytelling.

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The weather has turned good.  The temps are nice. The winds are calm.  The bugs aren’t out yet.

Must be time to go camping.

So today 24 Girl Scouts (2nd/3rd graders) and their fearless leaders are taking them camping today for the first time.

I must be insane.

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Quote of the Day

“A queen can’t wear a superhero cape,” declares Ben.

“They can too!  I can be a superhero queen if I want to be,” says Ainsley.


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That is a great way to wake up on Saturday morning.  I knew that they kids were cooking up some kind of surprise last night.  I wasn’t sure of all of the details (it’s hard to listen in to a conversation in the back of the car when I’m driving down the interstate). So this morning I woke up early to discover that 2 of the 3 kids had crawled into bed with us last night.  That is certainly a nice feeling on a Saturday morning.  A while later Ainsley got up and told me to stay in bed, that they were going to make a surprise for us.  So we did.  An hour later the kids come upstairs with two trays of food (pb&J toast, milk, yogurt, sausage biscuits).  Ainsley gives me mine and says, “Sorry, mommy.  You only have part of the biscuit left.  Rosie ate the sausage and the other biscuit while we finished getting the other tray ready.”  (Reason 298 to kill the cat.)  But it was enjoyable to have all three crawl into bed with us while we ate breakfast together and watched some morning tv.

The kids have already done their chores for the weekend and are ready to go to the movies this afternoon.  We were going to go last night, but when I told Daddy he asked if we would wait until Saturday so he could come too.  So yesterday, we went to the park for an hour after school and went to Aunt Deb/Uncle . . . oh, forget it, we went to Gordon’s house.  The kids played hard with G, inserted loud chaos into the quiet Lewis house (they only have one kid you know), and then we got to get Gordon ready for bed.  All three kids read Gordon books.  Ainsley even insisted on picking out his clothes for tomorrow. I hope we wore him out!  I think we did.  When we left, Gordon didn’t have enough energy to blow us kisses (he just made noises with his lips).

So we are off to see a movie.  And then Mom and Dad can come home to get more work done.  I hope so anyway.  It has been a good day so far.  I just know it will continue.

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In general, receiving a phone call from school is not good.  Getting a phone call from the school nurse always causes me dread.  I have learned to recognize the phone number from her direct line (yes, she has called that often.  But with three kids in school . . . ).  My first question to her is always, “What’s wrong?”

Today it was Ainsley’s turn.  She threw up in class.  To be honest, my first thought was . . . Poor Mrs. Sellars!  Not very motherly.  But I knew that Ainsley was in good hands and I know what it is like to have a child throw up in your classroom.  Gross.  I don’t mind dealing with my own child’s vomit, but someone else’s kid is not nearly so endearing.

So I immediately grabbed some clothes and headed up to school to pick up Miss A.  She threw up on everything including her Girl Scout uniform.  So we changed clothes in the bathroom and I headed home.  I spent the next part of the hour dealing with the ramifications of a sick kid.  1. Getting sick kid set up on the couch watching cartoons with her bucket close at hand. 2.  It was my turn to run the meeting for Scouts. So I had to call my beloved co-leader and get her to do it for me.  3.  I was suppose to get a set of keys from someone today and had to rearrange it so Chris could get them.  4.  Contact the school and ask them to tell Ben that Ainsley wouldn’t be on the bus. If he got on the bus without her, he would freak.  (I’ve trained them to be watch dogs for each other). 5.  Find a way for Madie to get picked up from choir practice after school and then fax a note to school.  6.  Cancel the babysitter for tonight, since I will be home with Ainsley.  7.  Call Chris and let him know that we have a kid down.

After all of that was accomplished there was this general feeling of ease because I was getting to stay home and not be anywhere for the rest of the day.  There is a positive side to this sick kid thing.  Except that there is a sick child.

By the way, Ainsley is fine.  She never ran a fever and she was rather happy today.  Of course, she did take a two hour nap this afternoon. That helped.  Ainsley is home again tomorrow (I will not be one of those parents who sends their child to school sick.  But then again, I have the luxury of my schedule to keep a kid home for 24 hours fever and/or vomit free).  So Ainsley gets a free pass.  She is hanging with Mom while Mom works.  It will be a good day for her.

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Sunday and the Love Day

Yesterday was a great day.  Good sermon. ( I know I’m biased but I still liked it.  It was on a tough topic, but Chris handled it with love.)  The weather matched our family’s mood.  Wonderful.  Chris even came home and helped make goody bags for 3 classes.  He did a good job.  Ben spent the day cleaning/playing in his room. Ainsley went with Daddy to Camelot and spent the rest of the day being adorable. Madie had a playdate with a friend at our house. And I prepared for three class Valentine’s Day Celebrations and then worked for the rest of the day.  When my eyes starting seeing double last night, I went to bed.  Adrenaline kept me going for the rest of the day.  I spent most of the day at school volunteering.  I enjoy it, but I’m tired.  Exhausted. I took a 20 minute nap in my chair and asked Madie to wake me up.  God bless her . . . she did it.  I thought I had all my ducks in a row last night so that I was prepared for today.  Then my beautiful children brought me handmade cards this morning and then asked . . . “Where is the cards that you made for us?” Yes. That’s right. I didn’t make homemade cards.  So after the kids went to school, I quickly made cards for everyone and slipped them into their lunchboxes at school.  My husband even did good today by bringing me flowers.  My husband dislike Valentine’s, so flowers are extra special in my house!

It was a good day.  I’m tired. I think that I just might drop if I stop for too long. So I’m off to finish dinner and get myself and the kids to bed.  My meter is on empty.  Or at least my energy meter is. My love meter is on full and then some!

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