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Day Seven

Lonnie made tasty pancakes while Ainsley "helped."

Playing with the dogs

Poor dogs. All of my children pulled on the dog's tailed while they learned to walk and he never hurt any of them.

Another fantastic visit with friends.

Getting ready for another roadtrip

Ben bailed out on helping to look for graves instead preferring the newly discovered ipods.

My super troopers for looking for grave markers. Chris took GPS coordinates for each discovered grave so we don't have to look everywhere again.

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Day Six

Marsha teaching Ben to dive

We travelled to Kansas City today to see Marsha.  We were able to hang with Lonnie all week, but the kids did think it was odd to see one without the other.  It took awhile to drive to Kansas City from Geneva because every little bridge across the Missouri seem to be under repairs along our route, but we made it and enjoyed an evening with the Lonnie/Marsha, Kate/Jim, little Ben, and Cody (the dog).  It was wonderful.

Don't you just love the way his ears flop over because of the googles.

Daddy's giving them all a ride

Ainsley's mad because no one will catch her

Luckily she put her puppy eyes to work on Lonnie and he finally went over to catch her

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Day Five

This is Ainsley, but it looks just like Madie at this age. Of course, this is the slide that Madie broke her front tooth on when she was two (and Daddy took her to the park).

Our last day in Geneva was spent at the park with the Janings and then we went to a firefly catching party. It was awesome!

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Day Four

Swimming at the City Pool

Someone does not want to go home.

Lonnie is getting all of the lines set up

Ben is digging for a worm. Yuck.

Bob turned this old grain storage bin until a beautiful gazebo wired with electricity. We weren't there long enough or I'm sure Chris would have helped him get wi-fi to it. Then it would have been perfect.

Now Lonnie is helping Madie get set up to fish.

Ben caught a fish!

Triumphant Ben!

Now it is Daddy's turn to fish with the kids

Chris getting some more excellent advice from Bob.

Sunset on Merriweather Park

After swimming all afternoon we went to Merriweather Park.  It is our favorite place in Geneva.  It is so beautiful and peaceful.  Some of the kids favorite memories are from here.  Mr. Bob is a retired farmer who developed the entire park by himself. The pond, the buildings, the landscaping.  The kids ended the evening swimming in a horse tank that Mr. Bob had heated up himself and then we watched the moonrise.  Perfect.

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Walking out of the courthouse and seeing friends

Madie went swimming with Erin that afternoon.

Playing outside at the Janing Farm.

The kids went looking for the new barn cats. This one is cute. I should have brought them Rosie. She would have totally fit in.

Ok. So only the girls were totally into the cats. The boys played spies with guns and all of the cool places to hide in the barn.

Back from the barn ready to move on with play

Ben found the sandbox.

I'm not sure that I want to know what Madie and Isaac are up to.

Yep. It was better that I not know. Something about tying a rope around the waist and then jumping off?

An awesome day with friends!

Time for dinner in Milligan

Ben and me after good food. Ben told me not to squeeze so hard.

I have no idea what that says. I know it's in Czech, but it looks cool.

Not many of these left

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Day Two of Vacation

Morning swim before the drive

Ben is chillin' before he has to sit in a car for ten hours.

All three puddles sitting and waiting to leave to the journey

Filling up with gas and letting them move around a little

Stopping at a rest stop in Kansas. Chris caught himself a prize

The prize looks happy

I look around and find the children huddled under blankets because they found Dad's laptop and ipad and are playing it eventhough I told them to put it all away. Sneaky little devils.

This little devil feel asleep. Must have been all of that swimming.

We finally made it. I made Chris pull over so I could get a picture. I only had to walk half a mile back to get the photo on the side of a highway but luckily there was no traffic.

The beauty of the land.

This time Chris told me he wouldn't stop.

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Day One of Vacation

Night Swimming at Uncle Larry and Aunt Thea’s house.  The kids thought it was perfect.  I think Daddy did too.  Best way ever to end a long day of driving (especially when driving through Dallas).

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Madie . . .

moved back home. After much consultation and additional drama.  I fear Madie as “the teenager.”  I’m not ready. Seriously. If yesterday was any indication, I am in for a long haul.  I need to learn to meditate. Or get a prescription for anxiety medicine.  Something. Anyone know of a good convent?

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my mom calls to check up on me because she hasn’t heard from me in a while.  I generally call several times a week.  When she called today, I actually had to think about when I called her last.  And I honestly could not remember when.  Bad daughter! Very bad daughter!!!  I am sure that Debra and Will have risen to the “favorite child” status with my neglect this week.  Oh well.

It is getting worse . . .

While writing this blog entry, Madie comes stomping down the stairs with a suitcase and sleeping bag in her hand and tells me that she is moving out.  I bid her “adiou.” I guess I better go figure out what is going on.  Just one more thing to add to my long list of stress this week.

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Quote of the Day

“This is the best birthday party EVER!” declares Madie to her friends as they chow down on ice cream during her slumber party tonight.

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