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Bone tired.

I am tired (and when you read it put a twang to it to make it sound right with extra syllables). Bone tired. It is the end of the school. So we had Ainsley’s last day of school, Madie’s second grade picnic, Ben’s special craft project with his class, end of the year gifts, next to last soccer game, birthday party tonight, babysitting extra kids, preparing lunches, doing housework, buying presents, working, working, working, working . . . it just never ends.  It seems to be a bad time for a lot of people.  Almost everyone I have made contact with today is stressed and tired.  I’m almost afraid to call anyone.  Maybe I am the curse today. The only way to solve it is to bring an end to the day.  Bed is the best way to do that.

Too bad I have a mound of laundry to do, kitchen to clean, house to tidy, and two games to prepare for at 8:00am.  Hopefully that is all.  But I am sure I’ll remember something else that I need to do tonight when I roll into bed.  That seems to be the type of day that I am having.

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Her big reading award!

Bored child number 1

Bored child number 2

It was Awards night at Madie’s elementary school.  She was one of the top 10 AR point readers in second grade.  She was so proud.  It was exciting.  She was pumped.  She came back and said, “I got a real award! A medal! And I actually earned it.”  So cool.  I love that kind of enthusiasm.

So we are walking out to the car and she says, “So do I get to pick dinner, since I won a medal?” Of course you do Madie.  So we went to Taco Bell for her and McDonalds for the others and came home and had a picnic.  A great way to end a great night.

. . . . I forgot to mention she also got an award for straight A’s and for doing 200 math facts add/sub in less than 8 minutes.  Awesome again!!!

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Even Daddy came for a few minutes

Pudding is good!

Watermelon on a hot day is perfect!

She is actually playing in the mud. Yuck! But that is a smile on her face.

Her buddies from school.

Musical Chairs. What? I won?

She won a book. Awesome!

A perfect way to end the day!

She is having a fun day!

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The whole family was at Ben’s make-up game at the Y this week.  Ben had already struck out a couple of times and had got out before he hit first base one other time.  Poor guy was having it tough.  I don’t know if he ever got disappointed before, but on that day he was really sad about it.  So Dad took him aside and practiced hitting by having Ben hit him in the glove.  At the next up at bat, he hit the ball hard and scored.  He was dancing on first base.  It was so awesome!  It took a little extra special attention from Daddy and he was golden!

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Boy at bat

Another picture of my awesome boy

DSC00087-ball closer

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Fruit flies have invaded my kitchen.  I hate fruit flies. It all started with some pears, and now I can’t get rid of them.  I have resorted to putting all fresh food in the fridge.  Onions, potatoes, bread, apples.  They are attacking everything.  The children are starting to notice.  Chris says that there is nothing that you can do about it. I don’t know what to do.  I am ready to smoke out the whole house with cancer causing chemicals.  If it works, I’ll do it.

There are birds in my chimney.  I think they may be building a nest.  My husband wants to go to the top of the chimney to replace the screen to prevent this.  I think that I would rather have the birds then have Chris fall off the roof.

Wasps building nest. Ants biting ankles. Snakes living in my ivy.  Mosquitoes creating dot-to-dots on Ainsley.

I knew that living in Texas was like this.  I grew up here, but honestly!

Putting all of this aside, I will take wasps, fruit flies, ants, mosquitoes, and birds any day then all of the snakes that were in my basement in Nebraska.

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I love you THIS much

He is so cute!  I love it when I get Gordon all to myself.  Especially when I am out-and-about running errands and someone says to me, “Is that your son?”  And I get to say, “Yes. Yes he is!”  Lucky me gets to claim him for my own. (I am seriously kidding.)  I would be lucky to have him, but I am also very lucky and get to pass him back to his doting parents.  Since his parents are professional photographers, he has the best pictures!  Luckily his folks are willing to share their skills and practice on my children on occasion.  Like today!

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Family Outing

This is our first and last time this whole sports season that we were able to go to both Ben and Madie’s games as a family.  Most of the time they play at the same time on opposite sides of town.  Uncle Dave joined us today at both games.  He was able to take pictures at Ben’s game today.  As usual they are awesome!


Take a look at my boy!  I forgot to feed him a poptart today (I did it last week and he did really well!) so he struck out.  But he had an awesome time doing it!  Uncle David is for hire!  Just check out the link to their website on the right.  He makes a six year old look like a pro!

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At Girl Scouts we were discussing how our moms make dinner and Madie says to the entire room,

“My mom takes dinner out of the fridge that we have already eaten and serves it again.  Yuck!” (a.k.a. leftovers!)

All of the mothers in the room cracked up laughing with one mom saying that “already eaten food in the best kind!”

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Quote of the Day

Upon receiving her lunch from Sonic today, Ainsley says with glee . . .

“I am so lucky!  I got TWO napkins today!”

so saith the Ainsley.

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