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I love snapping photos of the best parts of Sunday morning. Ainsley snuggled up next to her best friend during worship.  Those two are so inseparable at church.  It is a good thing that they don’t go to school together.  We would have to surgically separate them!  IMG_2638


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Ainsley and Ben and their cousins went as the “Frozen” entourage.  Olaf, Kristoff, Anna, and Elsa.  My sister and I made all of the costumes!  I think I had more fun that my sister Debra making the costumes!   Ainsley’s Anna costume was fun to make except that the first set of appliqués fell off during the first event two weeks ago. So I had to recut them all again and apply them with stronger interface.  Ben’s costume was fun to create.  I found the shirt at Goodwill and added the rest.

The kids had a ton of fun trick or treating!  Queen Elsa got tired after the first block, but the other three walked walked a couple of miles to get their candy!  Of course, there were long stretches without houses in our neighborhood, so more walking than candy sometimes.  But we stuck to the less frequently traveled routes.  Which was good because there was an accident  down the road when a car hit one of the parents walking.  Chris ran down and helped the first responders.  Too many crazies!  But our kids were already home by the time that happened!  All in all it was a good night!

IMG_2575 IMG_2574 IMG_2637

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Ainsley’s class had a Halloween Celebration (meaning that this wasn’t a full party which is an important distinction at this school). These are the treat bags that I made for the class.  A super easy and cute idea!  I love that the kids weren’t over filled with candy from everyone!  Most of the kids sent non-candy items!  I loved it!  Then we played a quick game, “Mummy Relay”. Ainsley was the mummy!  Way too cute!


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On Wednesday, Ainsley and I headed to the Houston Museum of Natural Science with the fourth grade class.  We had a ton of fun!  I remember going to the same museum on a field trip when I was in elementary school.  I can’t remember when though!  What was funny was one of the students with us was stating how he was the one who came up with the idea to run down the hill at the Miller outdoor theatre. I can remember running down the hill when I was his age.  Generations of children have enjoyed picnics at the base of the hill and then have had races running down the side.  Oh what adventures that hill has seen!


After the kids left back on the buses, Ainsley and I headed back into the museum and finished seeing all of the exhibits.  We had a great time!  Our last elementary school field trip.  Next year she moves to middle school. They grow up so fast.
IMG_2617 IMG_2621 IMG_2624 IMG_2623

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The first day of Red Ribbon Week asked each student to wear red.  There was a contest at school of those who wore red best and Ainsley won!!!  Look at her.  She looks fabulous!  I think she pulled off red well!  She was so nervous about the contest.  She really wanted to win, but we just had to talk to her about being positive and having fun in the participation of the event.  If she wasn’t having a good time, then it wasn’t worth even trying to win.  All of that and she won any ways!


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with a great start at church!  Ainsley and Ben were both acolytes on Sunday, so that led us to have Ben practice carrying the very heavy cross.  Ben managed it beautifully.  I love that from my seat the only part of Ainsley that you can see is her bow!

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