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At one point today, all three kids were in the nurse’s office at the same time.  That was the morning.   I called Chris to tell him what was going on and to ask him if he can take Ainsley (after all it is his day off), and he informs me that he a parishioner has died and he has a funeral to do (this is unfortunate and of course, it is part of his ministry).  I call my sister and tell her and she says, “That is bad. I guess it can’t get any worse.”    Of course, it did.

So how did the morning start . . . it started good.  It took me, Chris, and the kids to take everything into the school building.  We made it.  We stayed and watched Madie on tv for her birthday announcement.  The morning is going well.  I went home and an hour later I went up to school to do the craft with Ainsley’s room.  I am passing out all of the items for the craft and Ainsley comes up to give me a hug.  I kiss her on the head and she is burning up.  Yup. The nurse officially diagnosed her with a fever and said she had to go home.  Ugh.  Since it was just a fever and she had already exposed the class for an hour that morning, the teacher asked if I would stay and finish the craft.  While I’m finishing the craft with the class, the nurse calls the class to tell me that Madie has spilled hot chocolate all over her clothes and could I please come and bring her a change of clothes.  Ugh, again.  By this point, the craft is nearly done and the other mothers graciously offered to clean up so that I could go home.  When I got to the nurse’s office, Ainsley is in tow, Madie is in the bathroom soaked, and Ben is on his way to the room because he forgot to take his meds that morning.  UGHHH!!!!  It is a good thing I gave a present to the nurse.  I was going to have to send another one at the rate we were going.

Ms. Shirley saved the day and agreed to let Ainsely hang out with her while I went back to school to finish the other two’s parties.  All I had to do for Ben was send a fruit tray and show up.  With Madie, I had all of the games to supply and organize.  It was quite a bit of work.  In the end, the kids really had a good time.  Plus, Chris was able to show up for a little bit and he played his guitar and sang Christmas carols (“Grandma got run over by a reindeer” and “Twelve Days of Christmas: Phineas and Ferb Style”)  It was fun.   Then I go to pick up all of my supplies from the craft only to find out that the craft project was ruined for all of the kids.  The glue leaked into the containers and made the water murky (the kids made snow globes).  Plus water got into all of the pictures.  So the day did eventually get worse.  But the singing was certainly fun!!

The day ended really well with Madie going to a slumber party and my other two chicks snuggling with mom and all falling asleep on the couch.  I am so tired.  Ainsley is doing better . . . slightly.  But she is mad.  She had to leave too soon from Ms. Shirley’s.

Only 9 more days to go.  And then maybe I can get some sleep.


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My sweet husband came home and got the kids off of the bus so that I could run to the store and get all of the supplies for the numerous activities tomorrow.  It is Polar Express Day at school.  So clean and appropriate jammies are needed to wear to school tomorrow.  I am bringing the craft for Ainsley’s class (picture snow globes), the fruit tray for Ben’s, and everything for Madie’s.  Plus I need to make all of the teachers their goodies.  I was going to make this special something and Madie wasn’t liking it (although the other two thought it was cool), so I ditched the project (I probably didn’t really have time anyways).   I made banana bread for everyone so that I can attached Starbucks gift cards to them.

Chris came home and said that the house smelled good!  That’s a good thing.  Plus Madie wanted to bring a special treat for her class because of her birthday.  So I’m making pink sweeties.  They are really good and I haven’t made them in a while.  I think she will like them because of the name.

The bread is made. The cookies are baking.  The fruit is sliced. I need to blow up 100 balloons and get the rest of the games ready, but then I am good to go for tomorrow.  I just hope that I don’t forget anything!!  

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This is the best time to be at school and Ben is sick.  He wasn’t feeling well this morning, but he wasn’t running a fever.  So off to school he went.  He said he had a good day at school, but just to be on the safe side with Ben I took him to the doctor this afternoon.  Turns out he has walking pneumonia. By the time we got home from the doctor’s office, he was running over 101. Ugh!  We still had to go get his medicine at the pharmacy so we were piling into the car and he throws up from coughing so hard.  The poor thing had put a surgical mask on in order to not pass on any germs to his sister.  Unfortunately his mask was still on when he threw up.  Gross.  We made it to the pharmacy just before they closed.  We grabbed his medicine and dropped Madie off at church so she could attend advent services. Now we are home and getting the remaining puddles filled with soup and ready for bed.  Poor guy.  Hopefully he will be better with a day of rest.

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Ben did a great job!!!!  He always surprises me!!!!

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Ainsley (the cow in the middle) and the rest of her class sang beautifully.

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The program was wonderful.  The kids were wonderful.  So many people helped to make the program perfect. The animal costumes were particularly cute.  Totally beyond my expectations.  Ainsley was going to be a sheep but she told her teacher that it was itchy and she let Ainsley change into a cows costume. (It is a good thing I’m not her teacher.  I would have made her grin and bear it!!).   We had to keep telling her that not to “moo” during the performance. Madie did a beautiful job (she even managed to be very ladylike). This was one of the best programs ever.  They were glorious!  And all of the kids were smiling in the end!  They did a beautiful job!  Look how proud they are.  They know they did good.

All of the grandparents came (even Aunt Sarah made a surprise visit).  Then they joined us at the house for an after program lunch!  Christmas is such a beautiful time of year.  Especially when church is filled with all of the children’s smiling faces.

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