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20120531-152521.jpg Ainsley’s pants “wouldn’t come together in the middle”, so she devised her own fastener. Cute. Of course, if she would just let out the tighteners on the sides, the pants would meet in the middle! But she preferred the paper clip method. It is her own “Macgyver” moment!

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Look at everything that girl went home with. She earned more than a lot of the girls. Her award ribbon was taller than her!!

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Election Day

20120529-223317.jpgthe line was loooooong. It was horrible. I had all three kids with me. It took well over an hour of waiting on line to get to the booth to vote. If the kids weren’t with me I would have walked out. But what kind of a lesson would I be teaching if I didn’t vote. So we waited. And voted. And was grateful that I had the ability to cast a vote.

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Madie earned six awards tonight.  More than anyone!  She did so good. She had the most AR points in the whole school.  She had the most AR points in the whole fourth grade, of course.  A certificate signed by President Obama for straight A’s. She had a highest reading grade in her class. She read all 20 bluebonnet books! (She was the first in the entire school and got to pick the movie for the AR party). She was a member of the Conroe Feeder Choir.  Six awards!  I am so proud of her.  Strangers were coming up to her congratulating her on her achievements. She is such a special young lady.

Way to go, Madie!  Dad and I are so proud of you!

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I and a few other moms cooked and wrapped 300 hot dogs for the fourth grade.  It was fun. Besides one of the moms injuring her hands picking up a roasting pan (horrible steam burns on both hands.  She ended up in the ER. It was a nasty burn.)  Otherwise, the event was great!  Madie and her friend came home early and played Just Dance 3 on the Wii for hours.  I don’t know how they had the energy! It was a good day!

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Ben had his Court of Awards on Thursday.  Dad took him while I went with Madie.  Chris and I would have like to have been at both events, but they were scheduled for the same night and time.

He was so proud when he came home.  This pack is so much better than the last one.  They made Ben feel so proud that evening recognizing all of the hard work that he has done.

After our first good year of scouts, this is what I’ve learned (for those times that I have to take him). 1.  Ben needs at least 3 slides.  We only lost them every week.  2.  Ask questions.  3.  Thank the volunteers generously! They do great work!!!

I think it is finally time to iron on his pack number! We are staying for a while!

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Ainsley invited me to her reading restaurant this week.  The kids pretended to be waiters and brought their books in on a tray! First Ainsley told me a joke. Then Ainsley read a book to me.  Then she told me another  joke. Of course, she followed with another story that she wrote this time!  It all ended with a poem that she wrote.  It was so much fun!  Thank you Ainsley for inviting me!!

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