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One official class party. One class celebration without the party. Two meetings. Still must purchase part of the items required for celebration/party. Weekly volunteering obligation in one class. Grocery shopping.  Preparing for an evening gathering of friends.  Spend some time working. One afternoon doctor’s appointment for one child. Cleaning the house.  Delivering snacks to school for another occasion.  Work some more. And I must appear relaxed for an evening dinner that I must fixed for ten people.  All of this must be done tomorrow.  Tomorrow.  I swear if Chris asks me to wear pearls and high heels while wearing a perfectly starched dress during our evening dinner I will scream and then kill him.  Someone should warn him.

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At first glance, I would tell you that my children are home getting their work (homework or chores) done. At second glance only one of the three is working towards that goal.  Madie is busy on the computer doing her math exercises. Ben is (suppose to be cleaning his room) playing with cars on the bunk when I surprised him with the camera. And Ainsley . . . after throwing another horrible temper tantrum she fell asleep in her bed after she was sent to her room.   She was late to school today because she threw another wild temper tantrum before school and she needed to calm down before she headed off to school.
We have our small group meeting tonight.  So far we haven’t made it home before 10 at night.  Now don’t be jealous . . . I think we have the best small group out there.  The conversations are wonderful and deep.  The kind where you don’t mind how late it is getting or that the children are hanging from the chandeliers.  I am getting to know people in the church that I didn’t very well before.  It is great!!! But we are so tired the next morning.  The kids are not going to bed until after 10pm.  Not good.  So I have a game plan for tonight (if the children listen and do as they are told).  We already have all of our homework done.  They are getting their jammies and clothes for tomorrow laid out.  Baths are getting taken as I write, and dinner will be served in half an hour.  We are bringing a movie with us and at 8:00pm I will start the winding down process for the kids while we finish our studies with the adults.  That’s the plan.  We’ll see how it works out.  I have high hopes!
I realized the other day that I haven’t attended an Adult Sunday School class in over twelve years.  When we lived in Boerne, we only had one car and Chris would pick me up during Sunday school to get to church on time.  In Ohio, I worked as a Director of Christian Education so I organized Adult Sunday school but was never able to attend.  There was no Adult Sunday in Nebraska (the adults preferred to have Fellowship hour), and I started teaching Sunday school as soon as I moved back to Texas. So going to a Bible Study is refreshing and wonderful. Let alone, getting to know all of the wonderful people in my group.
Better get back on the schedule, so we are not late!!

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A woman approach Ainsley and I in the grocery store today and said, “You have made my day.  I have been listening to you and your daughter chatter all throughout Krogers as I am shopping and you have restored my view of humanity.  I had a rotten day and you two made me smile.  Your daughter is adorable.”

I don’t know what kind of day she had for our conversation to have made her day, but I am glad.  I really didn’t make this up (not that I ever do, but when I reread that it does sound like a whopper.).  This young woman actually said it.  I gave her this very skeptical look when she first started talking to us, but after I realized she wasn’t a crazy person I thanked her for the compliment.

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Meltdowns times three

1.  Ainsley told me I was a bucket dipper today.  She said that I was dipping out of her bucket because I told her that she had to wear her school shirt today.

2.  Ben melted when he couldn’t find his favorite pair of boots to wear to church tonight and had to settle for his second favorite pair all while I waited by the backdoor telling him to hurry.

3.  Madie finally had hers tonight because her ear hurts really bad and she has a benchmark test tomorrow and she just doesn’t know how she is going to do it all when she hurts so bad.

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All three kids went with the Girl Scout troop to the local Fire Station.  It was really cool.  They showed the kids everything.  These pictures are of the kids’ reaction to when they started the sirens!

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And she is so proud!

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Sleepy princess

Madie took this picture on Friday of Ainsley taking a nap.  She slept for another 2 hours in her bed.  Sweet.  How much longer will this last?

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My Tiger Cub

Isn't he cute?


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A good day

Today was a good day.

Gordon came today at 7:30am.  The kids had gone to bed at a decent hour the night before, so they were up and ready to greet Gordon and Uncle David when they came to the door.  The kids (all four) played after a good hot breakfast (even Gordon enjoyed some pancakes). Then Dad came down and took Ben to a birthday party.  Chris even stayed with Ben during the party!  So cool.  In return, the girls, Gordon, and I stayed home, played, and relaxed.  I read the entire Tiger Scout Handbook (and all of the patch requirements) and the entire Brownie Try-it book.  So Ben has completed half of his requirements towards his Tiger patch and 19 electives!  And Madie has completed 5+ more Try-its.  She and I sat for an hour and walked through the book and talked about the different requirements!  It was great!

Then we all ate lunch and got ready to Aunt Debra’s school’s Fall festival.  Of course, Gordon just ate his weight in yogurt.  But when the tears start to flow because I tried to get him to eat something else, I opened up another yogurt.  Seriously, I am just the aunt.  I can’t handle his tears.  How can I say no to yogurt?

As a surprise twist in the plans, Chris joined us for the afternoon at the festival.  It was a beautiful day and the kids had a great time.  We stopped at ate dinner on the way home to a nice sitdown meal (thanks to some nice gift certificates.).  Chris commented that he couldn’t remember when it was just the five of us to sit down at a nice restaurant together.  Again it was nice.

We went home and the kids took baths and got into their jammies to enjoy some ice cream while watching a Harry Potter movie on tv.  I caved and didn’t make everyone quit the movie to go and read books. Instead we all joined together on our bed and watched the end of the movie while I painted the girls’ toenails.

Everyone had a good day.  Everyone.

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I had my first experience with Boy Scouting tonight as a parent.  Whoa.  This is a whole new world that I have stepped into.  I mean . . . I have experienced Boy Scouts through my brother and I was in Sea Scouting in high school.  But oh my gosh . . . akelo, beads, electives, requirements, packs, and on and on.  We have homework to do.  Homework!

Beyond that.  Ben had a great time and I loved being there with him.  Now that I know we have things to do at home to earn patches and beads, I’m ready.  Daggoneit.  We are goin’ get that boy some beads and patches!  And have fun doing it!

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