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While the adults were all in the other car (and we were first off the ferry so we beat them to the meeting spot), the girls took off running towards the beach for one last time.

What a good way to end the day.  My pictures turned out a little blurry, but you can still see the joy in all of their faces.  What a good day it was!


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Our dear friends from NE came to visit over Thanksgiving.  The girls had never been to the beach so we all made a trip down to Galveston to Stewart’s Beach.  Can you tell which ones are Cornhuskers?  Well . . . all but Madie and she was born in Ohio so she has thick blood too.  All of the kids were out in the water playing.  I should have had the kids in their bathing suit, but I thought they wouldn’t want to get too wet.  Before I knew it they were all in the water playing and having a good time. Ben and Madie were soaked.  They played in the sand after a while.  Madie was trying to teach Erin how to body surf.  Truth be told . . . our landlocked friends were becoming one with the water.  If only they had more time.  Ainsley had a true side kick in Alexis.  The tallest and the shortest were buddies during their visit.  I’m not sure whether or not Alexis wanted a six year old sidekick the entire time, but Ainsley was quite happy to be any where that Alexis was.

We had a delightful lunch at The Spot in Galveston.  I had never been there. It was a great lunch.  We got to sit out on the deck and watch the gulf while we ate.  Plus  watching the birds steal french fries while the girls got up from the table was funny too!  I couldn’t convince Jill to offer the the “King’s Burger” at her restaurant in Geneva.   For 199.99 you could get a hamburger and a bottle of Don Perone (?). I’m not sure who would buy that kind of a meal, but your typical Midwestern would not.  I am not sure who would buy that.    The entire trip was great and so much fun to spend with friends.

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Second ferry ride

So after my car got inspected by Homeland Security as a routine check, we got to go to the front of the boat.  I enjoyed explaining to the kids why it was a priviledge to get inspected.  It meant that they were working hard to keep us all safe.  Ainsley didn’t understand since we didn’t have any unsafe in the car, but we practiced being calm, cordial, and understanding.

The second ferry ride back to Galveston was good. More dolphins.  And instead of looking from the upper deck we stood right at the boat’s edge. Ainsley was the smart one.  She had brought her coat that morning.  It got too hot by lunch, but by evening it was ready to be worn again.


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Fort Travis Raccoons

We stopped at Fort Travis once we got to Bolivar but they were closed for renovations.   There was a herd of raccoons there greeting us.  I’m sure that a group of raccoons aren’t called herds, but they scared the kids.  They came right up to the car.  And there were so many of them.  I know that there is a story here about them, but I am scared to guess what it is!


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First Ferry Ride

Our wonderful friends from NE said that they wanted to go on the ferry ride from Galveston in order to see the bay dolphins.   My mom tells me that I   went on the ferry ride when I was little, but I have no recollection of it.  We waited almost an hour for the ride, but it was so worth it.  It was fun.  We did get to see lots of dolphins.  The kids had a great time.  All of them.  The ride of smooth. The kids loved driving the cars on a boat.  They got to see the submarine and the coast guard station.  The boat wreck and the lighthouse.  It was great!  I think the adults may have been bored with the wait, but the kids were enjoying themselves in the car.  Giggling during the whole wait!



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Ben loves his new glasses.  He thinks that they make him so smart.  He has been showing everyone.  It is so cute!  I think they look really good on him. He is stunning!

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Madie’s fall project was a pet parade.  She had to pick an animal and learn all about it including how to take care of it, how much it costs, etc. She picked a cocker spaniel.  She didn’t know that Daddy had one growing up.  She did a great job.  She is so comfortable in front of others. We all came to watch her and her presentation including her Grandma and Papa Lake. Madie is so good at working on these independent projects. She actually does not procrastinate!  Good job Madie.  I love that she doesn’t take after her mother in the procrastination department.  

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