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This common medical affliction has descended upon our house with full force.  No one is happy today.  Everyone wishes they were back at camp.  Which is a total 180 from what happened when I picked them up from camp yesterday, Ben and Madie couldn’t stop talking.  Ben was a chatterbox.  He was so proud of himself and all of his accomplishments (more about that to come).  He had made so many new friends.  He loved everyone in his cabin.  His counselor, Adam, was fabulous and the entire experience was beyond great.

I got to camp about an hour early because I wasn’t entirely sure where the camp was and there was NO WAY I was going to be late.  My arriving early meant that I was able to see some of the final activities for the kids.  I was able to spy on the kids for about 20 minutes before they knew that I was there.   I just stood on the hill overlooking the field where they were all gathered and tried to fight off the tears.  There was Ben with his superhero cape on (they made them at camp) flying around from friend to friend talking to everyone.  If you know Ben, you know that he is an introvert so for him to feel so comfortable to be talking and laughing to so many people meant that he was among friends.  All of the kids were smiling and playing.  Madie was busy running around talking and having people sign her pillow.  When they finally saw me,  they couldn’t stop talking over each other to introduce me to their new friends and counselors.  They were ecstatic about everything.  Their friends, their experiences, the food, the songs, etc.  I was thrilled to see them both so happy.

Today (and half of yesterday) that happiness has turned to sadness, especially with Ben.  He is so sad.  Here was a camp where he wasn’t different.  Today he turns back to reality where his entire day is spent being “different”.  He is pulled from regular class to go to a different class for his learning disability. He is pulled out of recess to go to the nurse for his daily blood pressure check.  He doesn’t participate fully in PE.  He can’t go outside with his friends today because it will be over 85 degrees so he will go the library and play computer games by himself.  This weekend was different.  He was just like everyone else.  The camp was structured for kids like him.  He wasn’t the different kid.

His sadness makes me sad. I go over to hug him and he just slumps against me and says he wants to go back to camp.  I know that I need to just give him time and he will get out of this slump.  I can’t fix it.  He has to do this himself.  All I can do is love him and let him know that I am there if he needs me.  And don’t worry . . . I’ve already put next year’s camp on my calendar so I make sure that he gets to go again!!

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A cool package arrived in the mail on Friday. Ainsley discovered it. Soon it was opened and the contents gone through. A big thank you to Aunt Michelle, Uncle Will, et al. They gave Ainsley some cool new scent markers that she opened within 10 seconds and went immediately to drawing, so I don’t have a picture of them.

Ben and Madie will have a cool surprise when they get home.


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While Ben and Madie are away at camp this weekend, Ainsley is an only child. So her Dad and I planned a special weekend for her. Originally we had planned a camping trip per Ainsley’s request but Chris ended up having a confirmation retreat the same weekend. So we had to change plans.

Our new plans included dinner at a Japanese steak house (Ainsley loved the flaming volcano), a movie (Oz-her pick), and a campout in the living room with mom.

She loved every moment of being an only child!





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Chris was invited to pray before a recent city council meeting. He took Ben because it was on the way to scouts that night.

So the council invited Ben to lead them in the pledge and then gave him a special pin for the night.

He was absolutely thrilled with his time with the mayor. That is a great way to start a weekend.


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I love Easter Sunday.  This year the worship seemed even more joyous.  Awesome worship.  Good sermon.  Fabulous baptism (we are finally godparents!  And as Ainsley said, “Now she is my real sister!”). Great breakfast and egg hunt.  And the best part was spending time with all of our friends and family.  It was a good day!20130412-150153.jpg




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It is a peaceful day. Ainsley is outside riding her bike. Ben is doing his homework. It is gorgeous outside.  I watch out the window for Madie’s bus to arrive.  When her bus rolls up, there is a sheriff car right behind it.  I didn’t think anything of it until Madie gets to the house.  I was outside to greet her and she announces that there is an escaped prisoner in the neighborhood and they are escorted all of the kids into the house.  What??  I didn’t know anything about it.  I went online to look into it and sure enough . . . not only was he seen in the neighborhood but only a block from the house an hour before Madie got off the bus.  So I get Ainsley back inside. Locked the house. And called Chris.

It certainly explains the increased helicopter traffic over the neighborhood.  Chris asked that I go outside and get photos for him to post on facebook.  Crazy man.  There is an escaped convict arrested for armed bank robbery who just walked into a house down the street and he wants pictures.  Again . . . crazy man.  But I oblige. Crazy woman.

Several hours later the helicopters go away. They can’t find the convict so they call the search off.  Chris comes home that night, double checks the doors, and then loads the gun for the night.

That was a first.

Ainsley took a different approach. She secured herself by surrounding herself with her stuffed animals.  She slept well that night!

20130409-222230.jpg 20130409-222258.jpg 20130409-222247.jpg20130409-222353.jpg

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This saw was painted by prisoners and all of the pictures are from the viewpoint of inside the prison.

The Prison Museum that is.  I had planned on visiting Sam Houston’s home, but it was closed for the day.  Instead we visited Daddy’s choice.  It ended up being really fun and interesting.  I learned the state prison system was self supporting until only recently. In fact, they contributed back to the state budget each year.  Interesting. The kids really enjoyed it.  We are actually planning a second trip back to Huntsville to visit other museum.  There is so much to see.    We visited the prison cemetery. The kids wanted to eat lunch there, but I drew the line there!  So we went to Sam Houston’s home and had a picnic there.  It was a beautiful day and we really enjoyed the time together.


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20130409-220638.jpgThis certainly has been a different year for Madie’s education.  Middle school is a whole other beast when it comes to schooling and educating.  Sometimes it is a hard adjustment.  Sometimes it is a good adjustment.  But either way it is an adjustment.

Madie still had a good time completing her project.  She learned a lot about what it takes to become a librarian. In the end, that is a good thing.

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20130409-215959.jpgShe earned a lot of patches.  She’s a great girl and loves scouts!

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