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Ainsley asked all of her questions about God.  We talked about a lot of interesting things.  She was upset that she isn’t learning about this in school.  Why did she only learn about this on Sunday?  I explained why, and then she was sad about all of the people who don’t believe in God. So she has decided to write a book based on what she knows so far.

She read her chapter to me.  Very sweet.

It is worth hanging on to.

See video here.


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1. Are there any good websites about God?
2. Is God a person?
3. Did God come here in the world?
4. Is God very perfect and does he not want to not show himself because he is perfect?

That’s all I need to know.


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Quote of the Day

When we were trying to leave church today, Ben was outside teaching a 2 year old friend at church how to beat out a rhythm on the steel pole.  I walked up to them both and said it was time to go and led to 2 year old by the hand to the child’s father.

“He is one of my minions,” says Ben to me and the child’s dad.

“I don’t think that sounds nice, Ben,”  I say, rather embarrassed that Ben would say that in front of the child’s dad. I smile to the father that coded smile that says I-am-so-sorry-I-will-kill-him-later-for-that-comment.  As we are walking away I say to Ben, “I think we need to find another word.  That word doesn’t sound good.”

Ben says, “You know how Gordon follows me around and does everything I do?  And C—– is just like Gordon.  He does everything I do.”

“Yes,” I reply waiting for him to continue this line of logic.

“Well, that a minion.  Every one needs one . . . and I’ve got two!” declares Ben with a huge smile on his face.


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The Kids Are Reading


Ben is reading the first Percy Jackson book via the iPad. Madie is reading the seventh Percy Jackson the old-fashioned way. Both reading and enjoying the same series of books. How cool is that.

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Camo Day at School

Ben dressed Ainsley this morning in his camo.  He dug in his closet and found enough camo clothes to dress both him and his sister.  So sweet!  She loves looking like a twin with her sister, but rarely has the opportunity to do it with Ben.  Today was the day!

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The whole family made caramel apples the other night.  Then we let them cool and sit for a day and got to enjoy them the next night.  Madie had been complaining that she has never had a caramel apple.  Apparently her friends had made fun of her.  So we made some good old fashion caramel apples.  We unwrapped the candy, melted the candy on the stove, dipped the apples, and set them to cool.  Then Chris said that this wasn’t the right way.  He did it growing up and they would buy a kit.  Whatever.  If you are going to do it for the first time, skip the kit and spend the time and do it the old fashion way.   We certainly had fun doing it!  And then eating it!!

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