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Happy Easter!

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She got an ambulance ride yesterday which Ben has never really had (well maybe one short trip when he was two and we got scared after his first heart surgery. But he was good before they closed the back of the ambulance).  The end result of yesterday’s adventures is that Madie has a really good bladder and kidney infection.  But that was not determined until we went to two emergency room and had an ambulance ride.

Yesterday afternoon Madie started complaining of stomach pains.  She had them earlier that day (around 1am) but after several hours they had resolved themselves.  The pain went from uncomfortable, to vomiting, to screaming in pain especially when Chris pressed on her belly.  Of course, the doctor’s office was closed. So I dropped the kids off at the neighbor’s house and drove Madie to the stand alone Memorial Herman emergency center.  The doctor there suspected appendicitis because her belly pain just happened to be located over that area of her body.  So he calls down to the Memorial Herman Children’s Hospital in the Medical Center and they determine to have Madie go down there for better testing. So an ambulance ride later brought us to the second hospital.  Uncle Dave was kind enough to meet us there and entertain us for the next several hours while a series of doctors (medical doctors, residents, “bosses”, surgeons, and nurses) all came and poked her trying to determine what was wrong.  After a urinalysis and an ultrasound (where Madie got to see her kidneys and bladder), it was determined that she had a bladder and kidney infection.  They gave her some omnicept, which she didn’t throw up, so we went home. Hallelujah!

It was a long day and a long journey. Madie has an experience that she will never forget and some medicine to make her feel better.  I am glad.  I hate to see her hurting so badly.  Dad even joined us in the end of the journey to ask his hundred questions about their diagnosis.  It was good that Daddy was there because my car was at my house (after Uncle Dave/Aunt Deb drove it home for me).  The other two kids had been shuffled from the neighbor’s, to Ms. Shirley’s, to Aunt and Uncle.  They were dead asleep on the couches at Aunt Deb’s house when we got there.  They didn’t wake up at all while we put them in the truck, drove them home, and put them in their beds.  It sounds like they had an adventure unto themselves yesterday.

But the world has resolved itself and all of my little ducks are home and resting.  Eventhough Madie can’t play her soccer today, her brother still has baseball.  So it is time to get that part of the family up and moving so that they can get to their game!  Life has truly returned to normal.

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Ben had a really cool adventure today involving . . . ?  Ben won’t let me blog about this one.  I asked him if I could take a picture of him so that I could put it up on my blog because it was so cool.  He said no.  He doesn’t want me to blog about it because when he goes to tell people about it they always say, “I know. I saw it on your mom’s blog.” He wants to share this news with everyone.  So you will just have to ask Ben yourself about the awesome adventure that he had today.

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Last Sunday was . . . well, it was a day of preparation for Easter.  And I don’t just mean biblical.

1.  The Youth Campers had a bake sale.  I did manage to bake and I did manage to bring my entire crew there by the end of early service to sell.  I think Ainsley did a better job of selling than Ben.  She had gumption. We made over $700.  I think we have made our ultimate goal, but we are still crunching the numbers.

2.  During Sunday school, my class had decided early in Lent to do a Lenten project as a way to give to the church during the season.  They decided to host a scavenger hunt with the entire Sunday school and then have popsicle and play time on the playground.  All of which they would be the responsible adults for.  They did great.  And everyone had a lot of fun looking for all of the items on the list.  My class came up with a great list.  Things that I would never have thought off. And we all got to know the world of Tree of Life a little better.  I love the picture of Madie’s group. Ainsley was having a hard time keeping up with everyone.  I told them they needed to make sure that they didn’t leave her behind. You can see that Ainsley has convinced Madie that they only way to do that is for Madie to carry her.  Smart girl.

3.  The kids played in the bell choir today.  They did a great job.  We are taking a short break from bells and that will do all of us some good!  We need a day at home.

4.  Lastly, Ainlsey finally gave Shantell (her church BFF) a best friend necklace. Madie has been into this whole thing for awhile and Ainsley has been begging me to get her one to give to Shantell.  I finally find one at Children’s Place.  Ainsley was so excited to give it to her.  Ainsley told me that Shantell now has a piece of her heart. Too cute.   

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Today was Ben’s first grade field day.  Since can’t run and play outside if it is over 85 degrees, I went with him to hang out, make sure he kept cool, and tried to let him participate with as many activities as possible.

Since the day started at 8:30am with an egg hunt, we were able to participate.  It was really overcast and only 77.  But by 9:30, the clouds had left and it was a scorcher.  By that time, Ben got to the egg hunt, spoon relay, hula hoop relay, and dress up relay.  You can tell he had a lot of fun.  He was  a little disappointed by the egg hunt.  Out of 500 eggs, he picked up three eggs that I had stuffed and donated the prizes for.  Go figure!  (Yes, I took home and stuffed over 200 eggs myself.  It was fun and I got to watch an hour of tv that I had recorded. Yeah!) He wasn’t happy.  Of course, he had seen all of these prizes already.  He wanted different.  Oh, well.

We went inside once it got hot and he played the ipad for awhile.  That was a lot of fun.  We got to see both Madie and Ainsley as they went to and fro in school.  They were even a tad jealous of the ipad time.  That’s ok. Ben needed something fun to do.

Once his class got to the bubbles station, I thought, “that should be harmless.  He can just stand and wave the bubble wand.”  That’s what I get for thinking.  Of course, Ben didn’t sit still.  He kept running after the bubbles and popping them.  This is why I can’t trust him to sit and chill out at recess.  All he ever wants to do is run!!  All boy.

I left right before lunch to get back home.  He was worn out by the time we got home, but he somehow found enough energy to play outside in the water!   

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So far, so good.

Chris was upset when we brought home some cherry tomato plants.  He is tired of me killing things. But I am determined this time.  I have had some success in the past, but my years of failure have yet to outweigh my years of success.  Hopefully, the first fruits of the season will ripen and will be enjoyed by us all.

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I say that this was a hot day.  The problem is that I know that it will only get hotter.  This will probably be a scorcher this summer.  Yuck!

I told the kids that we would put the pool out and let them have fun with the water.  First I couldn’t get the hose hooked up to the faucet.  Then I couldn’t find the pool plugs.  And finally, (after finding the plugs and getting the hose hooked up) we couldn’t find the pool.  I don’t have a clue where it is.  Somewhere in the garage.  Possibly in the attic.  It has been months since we pulled it out.

But the kids made the best of it.  They pulled out toys and buckets from the garage and made up relay games.  “There are no winners because there are no prizes,” says Madie. The kids had a great time in the backyard today.  You can tell by their smiles.

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Quote of the Day

“Mommy, come here.  I have a secret to tell you!” says Ainsley.

“Did you know that Daddy is your brother and that God is your father?” whispers Ainsley.


“So you married your brother!!! Isn’t that cool?!!” declares Ainsley loudly in a public place.

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We met for a consultation with our pediatrician for Ainsley’s tummy problem.  Although she still has salmonella, it is not in high enough numbers to cause symptoms.  It is not good that she still has salmonella.  She has had two rounds of antibiotics that should have treated the illness, but it has not.  Plus, she is still having major stomach cramping and other issues.  Not every day, but enough that it causing lifestyle challenges.  We know a lot tummy issues that she doesn’t have (no food allergies, no celiac disease, etc.).  She has been tested for a ton.  The doctor feels like she might have irritable bowel syndrome.  But because it is a diagnosis of exclusions we have a few more diseases to rule out before we can rule IBS in. We are going for a third round of testing for Ainsley next week.  They will test again for Salmonella and other diseases.    The doctor also decided to put her on Bentyl (half hour before meals), a different probiotic, and fiber.  Hopefully these three will help.  So far, the hardest part is getting use to giving her medicine before meals.  I have to really retrain myself.  So now she takes Bentyl half hour before a meal and lactaid before the first bite.  The new routine is hard, but manageable.  I just hate change.

She is going to see the same GI doctor that Ben just saw.  I really liked him, so I am looking forward to having him help Ainsley.   I just want her to not hurt so much.  We are on our way to finding some answers.  And our pediatrician told us that this is something that Ainsley can outgrow.  Yeah!  A short lived illness.  I like that.

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Thanks to Grandma Lake for taking this picture.  I think it truly captures Ben’s character.  He is a riot on most days!  His program was adorable and we went to the program again this morning and it was just as cute today.  Ben insisted that his ear point straight up even though they were suppose to be floppy ears.  He added the gloves himself.  He thought the made him look like he has paws.  I think he is right!  They look great.

I love that boy!  He can make anyone smile on the gloomiest days.

Grandma and Papa Lake joined Madie and I last night for the evening program.  Then Aunt Debra, Gordon, Gracie, and Daddy joined us this morning for the morning program.  It was a lot of fun!  The entire first grade was adorable and great.

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