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Ainsley has this bizarre rash on her neck, back, and front.  At first it looks like a heat rash, but it only got worse.  I made her an appointment two days ago thinking that she has had this rash for almost a week so I am sure that it will still be there when we arrive on Friday to the doctor.  Wrong.  It started looking better yesterday and although you could still see it today it was well on the way to getting better.  So we went to the doctor anyway (because I will still get charged if I cancel) and officially she has staff folliculitis.  For my puddles who have had every weird rash known to mankind, this is a new one.  We don’t have to do anything for it today, but now we know what to do the next time it shows up.  Because potentially it could show up again.  I swear my children are trying out every disease, virus, infection, etc. so that I can become a walking rash detector for my friends. “No. That’s not chicken pox.  We had that last year and it looked completely different.  Chicken pox looks like a dew drop on a rose.”  “Yes. That looks like Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease.  Madie had that when she was little and it looked just like that.  You should really see a doctor.”  Madie even caught a viral rash one year in Nebraska that none of the doctor’s could figure out. They finally took a sharpie and started marking it.  I remember them saying that if the rash got past a certain point we would do something else(not sure what that meant). But luckily it stopped spreading before it go to that point. Thank goodness for our local pediatrician office and their patience with my children and their diseases.  They never overreact and can always come up with a name for what they have.

So we have name for Ainsley’s rash and another medicine for Ben to take (for a cough he just can’t shake).  All in time for VBS on Sunday.  Hopefully they won’t pick up another weird disease next week!

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I lost my camera. Then I found my camera. Then I lost my camera again.  It has been a tough battle hanging on to my camera in the last two months.  So sorry for the massive picture update, but I figured I better do it while the camera was in my possession again.  It at least explains why we haven’t had many pictures lately on my blog.  Hopefully I made up for it today.

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Our plum harvest.

We have a bountiful harvest.

Look how pretty our fruit is.

We have two plum trees in the backyard.  I was this close to chopping them down last year, but once I figured out that they could contribute to our family they were saved.  We went out tonight after dinner and right before bed and picked plums.  We only picked ones that had fallen to the ground.  And we came in with a bucket full.  It was wonderful.  There are still hundreds more plums in the trees.  Only Ainsley was apprehensive about picking up any of the fruit.  So picked up one for her.  He gave her one with a stem so she wouldn’t have to touch it.  All so she could have her picture taken while holding a plum in her hand.  It was truly a riot!  I love those kids.  We had a lot of fun finding all of the fruit hidden the tall grass.  There was probably a hundred more plums that we had already rotted on the ground.  I figured I would let Chris mow them under.  Chris came home and ate five of them while standing by the sink.  If he is still alive in the morning, I’ll let the kids eat one too.

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Swim Lessons

Ben actually brought his goggles today so he could put his face in the water.  I am shocked that he is even willing to do this.  All three kids have come so far!!!!  We have one more week of swim lessons after VBS.

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That is over $400 worth of patches. Yikes!

"Twist me and turn me and show me the elf. I looked in the mirror and saw . . . MYSELF!"

Her ribbon of awards is taller than she is.

A good night for all.

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I think she's happy?! What do you think?

Even my little princess got in the water with the fishes.

Good end to a good day on the water.

I texted my parents to tell them that we were out on the lake boating and my mother’s text back to me was . . . “U R disowned.”  I don’t know what disturbed me more.  My mother texting me using shorthand or that she and dad were so jealous!  Either way it was an awesome day.

Daddy and Madie on the tube.

That is my little man helping to drive the boat. I think that Mr. Cederburg is a very brave man to let him!

Yes. That is Madie by herself on the water, and that is a very large smile on her face.

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Ainsley did not like the animals.

But she finally worked up to it.

She even warmed up to the goat.

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My two protesters

I was on the phone and my children came to me with a whole parade and protested the fact that they wanted longer to play.

Yes. It was an adorable ploy and I let them play a little longer.

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Yes. My kid was the only one with an ipod. Hey! It kept him and his seat buddy quiet!

Mrs. Sellar's Class

Ben and his buddies crawling under the aquarium. So much fun!

"I think I could live there."

We met up with some of his school buddies.

Me and my seat buddies after a long day at the zoo.

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