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Miss A finally has her own troop.  She is so excited to finally get a uniform and to be in a troop on her own.  We have a cute little troop of six.  It is sweet.  It is so different being a leader of a troop of six and a troop of twenty.  I love it both.  Madie loves being an older scout in Ainsley’s troop.  Helping out and showing off her vest.  Ainsley loves having her there.

To give our little troop an opportunity to meet other scouts, we met with another troop for Juliette Lowe’s 150 birthday celebration.  It was great.  They loved hanging out with other girls and learning about Juliette Lowe.   It was quiet at our meeting this week when we met without the other troop.  It was a nice quiet, but we will certainly do something like this again.  Until then, we will enjoy our little group of great girls.

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Quote of the Day

“Ben, there is a dead bug over here.  Will you please pick it up for me?”  begs Mom.

“That’s why I was put on this earth, Mom.  To take care of you and pick up the nasty dead bugs for you” declares Ben.

Thank you God for sending me my boy.

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For elementary school students, my two oldest have boatloads of homework, but they approach it totally different.  Ben struggles, is distracted easily and has to be reminded to get going on it constantly.  He is a smart kid, but paper homework is not his thing.  He would do better if we could let him do 15 minutes of homework at a time with a 15 minutes break in between.  But we don’t have time for that with all of our evening and afterschool activities. So we do the best we can.  Then there is Madie.  I wish that all could be like her.  She immediately comes home to get her work done.  Then she works on extra projects that either the school has sent home or she has made up.  When it comes to the homework department, Madie rocks.  But Ben will be the one who will put together the Eiffel Tower out of toothpicks and take my vacuum apart just to figure out how it works.  That is a blessing too!  They all have their gifts.  Thank God for that.

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