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Ainsley declared this morning that today should be “Jamma Day.”  And so, we are still in our pajamas. I just popped some popcorn and she is settled in the living room to watch a movie.  Right before we started the movie it started to rain outside. Ainsley is on the couch shouting, “It finally happened! It’s raining! It’s raining!”  We have had so little rain around here that any rain is an awesome rain and should be celebrated.  So she and I ran into the backyard and played in the rain . . . until the first thunder and then she didn’t want to be “in the rain” anymore!  So we stood under the porch and watched it for a little while. Don’t worry, mom! Eventhough we were still in our pajamas while we danced in the rain, we were in the backyard so no one could see us!

I texted Chris this morning to see how the kids were doing at camp and all I got back was “Perfect.”  Geez. A little more info please.  But then again, I know that the little info is for my own good.

So back to “Jamma Day” . . . and more fun!!!

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Why have a slumber party with the littlest girl of course!!!  After getting Ben and Madie tucked away at camp and relinquishing all of my parental control to the camp counselors (which require a phone call to my mother for therapy), Ainsley and I are home and in need of a diversion. So Ainsley suggested a slumber party and she wants to go to bed at the same time not just her bedtime.

She is here in my office in her pajamas (a.k.a. a bathing suit with a scarf wrapped around her neck.  Very 40’s movie starlet dress.) and she is ready for bed.  Time for the diversion to begin.

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and I’m still not going to bed for another hour.  Seriously!!  How does this happen?  Well, I’ll tell you . . .

I forgot about my fourth child and I over planned for the one day my husband was home.

So I’m still doing laundry so that Chris will have clean clothes this week. (I’m sure everyone will appreciate that.)  I tried to do too much today.  The day started good. Chris took me to see the new Harry Potter movie.  Very cool!  I loved it and cried through a majority of the movie.  I just finished rereading the final book so there were no surprises, but I still cried.   I got to see it with 400+ other people in the theatre.  I’ve never had that experience before.  I’ve never gone to see a Harry Potter movie on it’s opening weekend. It was so much fun to hear the collective laughs, the gasps for Snape, the cheers for Mcgonagall, and the final applause for the end with many in the crowd shouting “Mischief managed!”  Really fun!  I didn’t think that I would get to see it for several more weeks, but Chris surprised me this morning with a babysitter.  So I guess I can sacrifice a little sleep tonight in order to see the movie this morning.

But I also tried to clean house, go to the store for a birthday present for Ainsley, and do some work for a few hours. To top it off we had a crab boil to attend tonight at a neighbor’s house (delicious!).  It was a great day.  Except that it is midnight!!  and I’m still packing someone’s luggage.  Well at least Madie and Ben are organized and ready for next week.  My maps are printed off.  The medicine bags are ready to go. My prayers have been said and the babies have all been hugged before their big journey this week.  I’m ready . . . or at least I will be when this last load of laundry gets done.

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Chris and I have been married for fifteen years this week. It has been a good fifteen years.  For most of those fifteen years, Chris has been at camp with the kids during our anniversary.  For many wives this would make them sad, but for me it is part of what makes our marriage wonderful.  I don’t need a day to remind me how lucky I am to have Chris as my partner in life.  He makes me feel special every day. But just to remind me that he is unpredictable, he sent me fifteen roses. One for every year we have been married.  Romantic and thoughtful.  He really is wonderful. I am a lucky woman!

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There is a big group going to camp again.  Ben got a blanket this Sunday for going to camp for the first time.  He has slept with the blanket every night this week.  It will definately help him feel more secure at camp.  Now where is my blanket to help me feel more secure while Ben and Madie are at camp??!!

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We are in a battle with these red wasps.  You may think they are dumb creatures! Oh, no. These pesky demons are persistent. Chris plugged all of the holes around the house where the wasps were crawling into and building nests inside our roof.  He used expanding foam.  These dang wasps are burrowing back inside the roof.  You can see the evidence all over the ground where the wasps have torn away the spray foam.

The wasps are particularly bad this year.  Not sure why, but they are all over the backyard.  They have homes in the ivy, the roof, the playset.  Everywhere.  Between red wasps and yellowjackets, the kids hate playing in the backyard.  Hopefully this will pass. Chris promises to come back home and take care of it.  I doubt he will let the wasps win this battle, but right now it is Chris – 0 and Wasps – 1.

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So after the kids hung out with Grandma and Papa Grace for a week, Chris and I met the kids downtown to see the play “Hank the Cowdog”.  We LOVE this book series.  It is hilarious and kept Ben laughing while he was in the ICU the last time. So when I saw that this play was being offered, I jumped at the chance to buy tickets for everyone.  The best part was that we got to meet the actors and the AUTHOR!!  He even signed our books (or some of them anyways). Dad even wanted to go!  He loves Hank too.  Ben was a little apprehensive to meet Hank, but he whispered to me that he really wanted to meet Drover and Pete the cat.  He says that Drover is a lot like him.  So he wouldn’t even let Hank sign his playbill, he waited patiently for Drover and Pete.  The girls had no problems whatsoever!!!  They loved all of it. Plus Grandma got them a little stuffed Drover or Hank. (now they are playing out little scenarios from the books that we read.) It was a great way to end the week.

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It’s a party at the Lake House!!!!  The kids decided to have a slumber party in the playroom tonight.  They brought down their sleeping bags and prepped the room for the night time.  They opened the futon to full-sized and gave that bed to Ainsley while the older two volunteered for the floor (silly kids).  Miss A was in heaven!  After 30 minutes of Madie and Ben struggling to get comfortable, all three finally joined Ainsley on the bed.  Very cute!  Now I just have to decide whether or not to sleep on the couch near them or go to my own bed.  The emotional side of my brain says . . . “Sleep on the couch so you can protect them from the scary people that are going to break into the house and hurt them.” The logical side of my brain says . . . “Crazy woman. Sleep in your own bed so that you will have a good night’s rest. The kids know how to come to your room if something goes wrong.”

Daddy finally comes home tomorrow from camp and they are all thrilled to see him.  We officially finished packing for Madie and Ben to go to camp.  Officially means that I labeled all of the items and placed them by outfits in labeled ziplock bags for each day of the week. I know that my organization will go out the window by the first evening of camp, but I know that they have outfits that match with enough underwear and socks to get them through the week. (Which was an issue with Ben, who had 2 dozen pairs of underwear but didn’t put any shorts in his suitcase originally.) Their suitcases and stacks are looking lovely.  I’m glad that I got in done so early, so that I can sit and admire my handiwork/organization for a few days before they are destroyed.

At midnight, the world is peaceful. But by 8am my serenity is gone and has been replaced by this crazy woman who has a list of things to get done.  I have to work on remembering these peaceful moments when things are getting scary around here.  There are good times too. I enjoy seeing the kids play so nicely with each other.  When they are genuinely sweet and thoughtful, it really makes the day seem brighter.  Today they played “Hospital”. Ainsley was the patient.  She had cancer (this is her fifth bout of cancer this week). Ben is the expert. Madie is the doctor.  They really do have a delightful imagination.  Madie has labeled on the doors for “Radiation”, “Labs”, “Patient room 107 and 108”.  Very cute!  This cash register is their ultrasound.  The scanner wand is what they use on the body while they stare at the machine for the picture.  The babydoll stroller is the wheelchair (thank goodness Ainsley is tiny).  They made her a hospital bracelet out of a white ribbon and decorated it with her name.  The whole scenario is enduring. I like their verson of cancer . . . easy to cure.  While I fixed dinner, I convinced them that Ainsley needed hydrotherapy and that they could use my bathtub to accommodate this procedure.  They agreed and proceeded to take a bath and get dressed in their jammies.  Good children.

So I am hoping that this week will end well.  It is a good beginning to the end.  We are going in the morning to clean the church and then back home again to hang out until Daddy gets back home!

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We are packed for camp.  We don’t officially leave until Sunday, but the kids are packed with their stuff sitting in the living room ready to go.  Now, I really should make sure that their names are in everything and probably need to double check that Ben packed enough socks and underwear.  But if we left now the kids would successfully survive camp.

I am a little surprised at myself.  I can’t figure out if my chronic procrastination has died down a little or if I am really procrastinating about something else by packing a week early for camp.  Probably the later.

Either way the kids are excited.  Even Ainsley is excited because we are going on her “Birthday date with Mommy” (this has become a family tradition the last two years with all of the kids) while the kids go to camp .  Her plans change daily according to her mood, so I’m still not sure of the entire plan.  I’m sure she will clue me in soon enough.


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Quote of the Day

“You are the worst parent EVER!” states both of my girls in unison on the way to church this morning.

“We want to go back to Grandma and Papa’s!” declares Ainsley.

I smile and turn the radio on in order to drown out the cries in the backseat.  Life has finally returned to normal.

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