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Chris was getting ready to take this plant to the trash can.  And there it was . . . new life.  A green leaf budding.  There are so many metaphors here. I loved it.  Now both Chris and I are nurturing it back from the brink of death.  In no time at all, it will be all green again.

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And it begins . . .

The kids first chance to use the dvd player in the new minivan. I think the eyes glued to the screen are the beginning of many moments like this.

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So good to see all of the wonderful children in church today and the pile of backpacks to be blessed.  Of course, I forgot ours and had to run home really quick to grab them all.  We made it.  We could use all of the blessings that we can get!!

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Good bye, Homer.

Farewell, dear friend.  You served us well.  We will dearly miss you.

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Madie invited a small group of girls over to the house before school started for a slumber party.  She had a lot of fun.  She even let Ainsley participate in some of it.  Madie like her traditions. She likes to have angel food cake with a lot of ice cream and toppings.  It is fun!  The girls stayed up forever.  I was exhausted.  They seem to have just taken it in stride.  To top it off, Madie went to another slumber party the next day.  I can remember the days when I could do that too.  Now I’m just old.  But my wonderful Madie had a great time at her party and the girls enjoyed themselves. 

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Again the children came to “Mom’s store” upstairs to get their supplies.  I wasn’t nearly as prepared this year.  I had to go to the store the night before to get the final supplies. Usually I am more prepared!  But it still worked out.  I needed another red and yellow folder and no store had any!  I even called Aunt Debra to see if she had one!  Luckily the school still let Ainsley come to first grade.  Mom agreed to just send it later.  Supplies for school get insane!  There is a ton that has to be sent to school.  But at least I got it done.  

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Quote of the Day

“Mom!  I had to jump down out of the tree.  The squirrel was coming after me!!” cries Ben.

Ben climbed up really high in the magnolia tree only to jump down out of it when a squirrel who “might give him rabies” got too close.

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My boy is 8!  He is so excited.  He has been counting down the day for weeks now.  There was some discussion that it should have been last week (because his friends told him it was last week).  He believed others before he would believe me.  Ahh . . . a sign of things to come. But today he is a happy 8 year old boy.  Ben has a story that would rival many 40 year olds.  So much has happened to this little guy in his 8 short years.  When you ask him to tell his life story, he doesn’t include any of the medical drama that has surrounded him for so long.  He talks about living in Nebraska and moving to Texas, about Boy Scouts and beach trips, and most importantly about his family.  I was looking through pictures this morning to share today.  What strikes me in all of them is his bright blue eyes and the caring way he has towards others.  How he gently stoops over and reaches out his hand to touch the person on the back in order to help them or to tell them that he cares.  He is my sweet boy.

Ben on his first day. So sweet. Eventhough he showed up at 34 weeks, we had no idea what adventure he would take us on.

Ben is the NICU. He came home 20 days later on my thirtieth birthday! He was an awesome present.

Chris hated this costume that I made, but I think Ben is adorable.

Ben wanted to be tiger!!

Madie is reading to her brother, not much as changed.

Right before Ben's first surgery

This is so much of Ben's story. But now we see them as minor speed bumps.

This more Ben's style

Ben and his shadow

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