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It has been a day.

I’ve had a rather busy but interesting week.  I think that today was a typical example of the emotional ebbs and flows of the week.

After waking up at 5am (this is not an easy task for me) to get ready for the garage sale at my parent’s house.  I brought a ton of clothes and large baby items to my parent’s community garage sale.  I had two goals, to make a little money and to get rid of the items. I accomplished neither (except for the gentleman who showed up after I left and offered to take all of the clothes for $70.  Mom said he was probably going to take them to the flea market to sell them, but at least my kind parents didn’t have to pack them up and haul them someone.  That was worth the sale right there.).  Hardly any one showed up to the sale.  Come to find out from a neighbor the home owners assoc. didn’t advertise the garage sale.  I guess I should be thankful for the few people that did come.  I had promised Chris that I wouldn’t bring anything home.  He graciously compromised with me and agreed to allow me to bring home the high dollar items (changing table, double stroller, single stroller, swing and the other baby equipment) and save them for the spring garage sale. I hate that I spent so much time this week labeling and organizing all of the clothes, but I’ve had my time with them and it is time for someone else to use them.  I’m glad that the clothes aren’t coming back.  In the end, I enjoyed getting to hang out with my folks for the morning (although Dad wasn’t happy that the grandkids didn’t come with me).

The other note to the morning were the mosquitos.  It has been a long time when I have been swarmed by mosquitos.  You know.  Where you are covered with hundreds and they are every where.  I couldn’t stop walking this morning around the table because if I stood still too long they would land on you and take a taste. I left the doors to my car open while I unloaded the night before and when I climbed back in there were a thousand mosquitos in my car.  It was terrible. I couldn’t even open my mouth to yawn or cough because I was scared that some would fly in my mouth.  Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.  When I was a kid waiting for the bus in August/September, it was the same way.  You couldn’t stand or sit still because the little buggies would land on you and eat you alive. You had to constantly walk around.  Luckily Dad had a very cool propane fogger and he sprayed all around the house.  Good thing that the kids didn’t come.  It would have stunted their growth with all of the chemicals. But I would rather have the chemicals than the mosquitos.

I had to leave early to get back to Conroe for a Girl Scout trip to camp for Love, Hug, and Groom. Mom graciously sent me down the road with lunch.  No sooner did I take a bite of the cheetos than I broke my newest crown. Yep.  I broke the crown.  I am so busy I don’t have time for the dentist, but yet I have to go.  Great.

So the morning stunk. Then I get home to find the children happy and playing with friends. Only to find out that it is time to go so we can get to the camp by 2:15 and no one has had lunch.  Chris says, “No one told me that they were hungry.”  Seriously.

But then the world turned better. We got to camp. Ainsley had a really good time with the horses.  I had a good time hanging out with her and the other girls.  Then we headed home. Only to find out that Chris still didn’t feed the kids lunch, but Madie was able to fend for herself. Lucky Madie. Poor Ben.  Although Daddy did have a really cool tv show on and Ben seemed well occupied with it, so I’m sure he didn’t express to Chris that he was hungry.    But Chris did make dinner.  A really good chicken on the grill.  It was tasty, and I didn’t have to cook it.   Now everyone is tucked in and I still have the whole house to clean up.  The house went quickly down hill after I left on Friday, but the culprits (including Dad) are all asleep.  So I guess I will have to be the midnight fairy and get it all down before the angels all wake up in the morning.

p.s. My parents truly are the heroes of the day.  They let me invade their garage sale. They let me leave early. They let me raid their kitchen for food. They cleaned up after me when I left early.  Wow. After typing that I realize that I am creating another generation of people like me. I better get to fixing the issue with my kids or I’m going to have children who in their 30s come back to invade my house, eat my food, and make me clean up after them. Sorry Mom and Dad!!


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Quote of the Day

“There’s a boy named Jack and I want to kiss him,” declares Ainsley.

“WHAT?  You want to do WHAT?” questions Mom.

“I like a boy named Jack.  He’s cute. I’m going to marry him, so I am going to kiss him.”

“Did you kiss him today?”

“No, but I did kiss him.”


. . . much much later at the dinner table.

“Ainsley, you are not allowed to kiss boys,” states Dad.

Tears. Crying. Her head is in her hands.  She is devastated.

The poor thing didn’t understand anything about boys and kissing.  She thought she was just showing that she cared for someone.  She and another little girl were running around at recess trying to kiss boys that they liked.  I talked to her about how special kissing was and that kissing is a gift that girls give to boys.  And we only give that gift to boys that we love and know that we want to marry.  She said she knew that wanted to marry Jack, but I told her that since she wasn’t allowed to marry until she was 30 that she couldn’t really know at 6 if she would want to marry Jack in 24 years.  We all decided that she could still chase boys but that she could only high-five them in the end.  No hugging and certainly no kissing.

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Quote of the day

“I hate being the last born.  It is horrible.  And . . . I’m left-handed and that’s even worse.”

“Ainsley, being left-handed is special.  It is a gift from God.  He only makes a few of them.  That’s how special you are,” says Mom.

“Yeah, Ainsley.  It’s like all of those endangered species who are shot because they are special. You are like them,” Ben tells Ainsley.

“I’m gonna get shot?!” Ainsley cries.

Meanwhile, I am cracking up laughing. And Ben is telling me to stop laughing that he is really serious which only makes me laugh more.


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Last Friday I took the girls and their families to King’s Orchard to pick vegetable for our scout troop.  It started out a little chaotic, but it ended well.  I learned a lot from this adventure.  For instance, give more strict instructions before sending a group of 8 and 9 year old girls into a field full of squash.  The end result . . . $70 worth of zucchini.  Yep. $70. I don’t even know what to do with all of the squash that was picked. Once you pick the squash you can’t put it back!  You are stuck paying for it.

BTW, that picture of Ben . . . he is telling me, “Seriously, Mom?  You are taking pictures?”  We are in a corn maze and he just wants to keep going.

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So it is official.  I am the worst mother ever.  Ainsley’s birthday is in July.  We did celebrate it then, but Daddy and Madie weren’t there.  So I had presents purchased months ago, but we just never set the time aside for Ainsley to have a cake and open all of her presents with the whole family there.  So we finally did it last Thursday night.
She was so surprised!  She loved it.  It was totally out of the blue.  Everything was exactly what she wanted.  It was wonderful to see that beautiful smile on her face.   Plus when we were at the grocery store the other day, we saw this perfect little cake in the shape of Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  Madie and Ben helped me keep it from Ainsley when I put the cake in the cart at the store.  They entertained Ainsley while I finsihed the shopping.  It was so funny.  At one point, I started humming the tune to Mission Impossible.  Ben turns to me and says, “Mom. Stop!  You are going to give it away singing that spy song.”  Very cute.
I love it all.  It was a really good night for us all.

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Aren’t they darling?  Perfect for pictures!

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The Before

I finally worked up the courage at the beginning of the summer to cut off my hair and donate it to Locks of Love.  I added a couple of inches during the summer and finally cut my hair this September.  I had Chris take a picture of the length of my hair before I headed out to the hair salon.  I was pretty nervous, but I had been testing this new hair dresser with the kids.  Over several months she had done a great job with them.  Good haircut and lots of patience.  That’s what I needed as well.   So 14 inches later . . .

And the after

I have a nice swath of hair to send into Locks of Love or  . . . ?  After I cut my hair, I put it in a ziplock bag and placed it into an envelope ready to be mailed to Locks of Love.  But of course, I am constantly behind in my “To Do” list so I haven’t mailed it yet.  Then, ironically,  I heard other people discussing the controversy regarding Locks of Love.  I didn’t realize there were so many issues.  So I started doing a little research.  I found a very interesting article from the New York Times regarding this issue.  Click here for the article. So I am donating the hair to Wigs For Kids.

I am glad that I cut it all off.  It is finally lighter and there is less of it to figure out.  It finally got so long that I couldn’t figure out what to do with it any more.  So I am really glad that it is gone.

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