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Homemade Christmas.

We made our goal.  We made presents for everyone.  The kids and I that is.  Madie knitted a hat for Ainsley and put all of Ben’s lego directions into a binder that she created.  Ben decorated a box for Madie’s doll clothes and he “designed” a princess apron for Ainsley’s doll.  Ainsley painted pictures for all of her family.  We made shrinky dink necklaces for the girls in the family.  We made seek and find bottles for the toddlers.  We created a book, “Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?” using our family as characters.  That turned out really cute.  We made lipgloss for everyone.  Madie decoupaged the containers for the lipgloss. Ben made butterfly houses for the grandparents. He nailed them together with Dad and painted them with Mom.  Made sewed a shoulder bag for Megan. (Really cute!).  I knitted hats for everyone.  But I really enjoyed sewing superman capes for the niece and nephew and an A&M dress and tutu outfit for Gracie.  The princess/supergirl cape for the  niece didn’t go over well.  But everything else was a success.  Plus I think I had more fun making all of it than anyone did receiving it.

I think that Christmas meant more this year because of our homemade gifts.  We tried to pick meaningful gifts that took some time to make.  The kids had to really think about it.  We have been planning it since Thanksgiving.  It helped that we had the whole week before Christmas off.  We were able to work on everything.
When the kids opened each others gifts for each other, their faces would light up.  So cool. Plus the giver of the gift would go into detail about how he/she made it and how it worked.  For the first time, the kids weren’t just receivers on Christmas morning, but big contributors.
Click here to see Gordon wearing the cape I made.
Our favorite gift of all was the present for Daddy.  The kids made lists of every word they could think of that described Daddy.  Then they typed all of the words into an online program to create a beautiful picture.  Then the program puts the words together to form a picture.  In our case it was a heart . . . you have to see it to understand.  But it is cool.  Plus Daddy can hang it in his office and look at his accolades in the heart to know what is really important.

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The night before Christmas was a late one.  Chris got home late from church so we went to bed really late.  We called NORAD again.  That was absolutely the best ever!  Usually it sends the kids right to bed.  This time it sent Ben and Ainsley into tears!  Ben was freaking out that Daddy wouldn’t get home before Santa got to Texas.  He swore he heard Santa’s bells.  Ainsley was crying uncontrollably because she was really concerned that she hadn’t been good enough for Christmas.  Ugh. Poor thing.  I reassured her that she did good this year and that I was sure Santa would bring her presents.  Madie was my good child and went to bed without trouble.  Good girl.  

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Ainsley’s troop got to go to see Junie B. Jones at the Main Street Theatre in Houston. We took a great crowd of kids and their families.  It was fun!  Of course, we had seen many productions at this theatre and it was wonderful. Very cute and funny.  We loved it.  All three had a good time.  We went to get signatures of the actors.  Ironically Ainsley and Ben wanted nothing to do with most of them. They waited for their favorites and then got pictures with them.

Afterwards, I surprised the kids and took them to the Houston Children’s Museum for a few hours.

That was a lot of fun too.  I took some pictures with my iphone of the museum and with the actors.  Maybe I can figure how to get them off my phone at some point!

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Late run to Kroger

Don’t tell my mom, but I ran out of ingredients for my Christmas goodies.  It was almost 8 at night and the kids were ready for bed.  But I needed that stuff and I was a single mom that night.  So I loaded the kids and we headed to Kroger.  We made the entire trip before the bread in the oven was done.  It was unnaturally fast!  The kids thought it was a really cool adventure.  I prayed we wouldn’t run into anyone we knew, but of course we did.  To commemorate the event, we stopped for a photo op.

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I didn’t mean to take such a long break.  But between the family, a Christmas card reminding me that I need to update, and Chris I was reminded to hurry up and post something.

Christmas was awesome and busy.  Plus my work ramped up into overdrive during the holidays.  I still feel behind.  But the important part is that the kids are alive and aren’t starving or neglected.

I am planning on working on posting and catching myself up soon.  Well . . . maybe not too soon.  I took yesterday off to be with family and I am a single mom all next week and we are adding violin and gymnastics to our already busy schedule . . . UGH!  But since I use these blog entries as a way to journal me and my family’s life as a record for the future, it is important!

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