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Sweet Justice!

Chris just walked in with a very wet iPhone in his hand. He took his phone swimming in the gulf. Someone from church gave me permission to throw his phone in the gulf if he wouldn’t turn it off. Well. . . It looks like I didn’t need to worry about it!

The good news . . . Three days left of vacation with no phone access.

The bad news . . . It was an expensive mistake!

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A view from dinner


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Quote of the day

Stop texting me unless you have been kidnapped or have severed a limb! I am on a date with your father!

I never thought I would have to say that to my children. Ugh! My niece came a watched the kids while we went out to eat. I kept getting texts from the kids. I finally had to threaten them to get them to stop.

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Ainsley just came in and said, “Let’s call this day GOOD!”

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Tired. And coming in for a snack!

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She is hilarious!

Ainsley’s birthday video

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Ainsley got an iPod for her birthday. Check out her first video! She is so grown up.

Ainsley’s first video

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First it was Ben.
Then it was Ben and Dad.
Then Madie joined them.
They played happily.

First Dad left. (had to wash the mud off)
Then Madie.(became frustrated with Ben-it was a sibling thing.)
All that was left was Ben (who had a grand time all by himself.)

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Minus 10 years lived outside the boundaries of the sovereignty of Texas, I have always lived near the Gulf. I have never experienced anything like we are this year.

Every morning we wake up to this on the beach.


So I take this. . .


And play a game called “Fish Flicking.” I flick the fish into piles like this . . .


So we can have this . . .


A little piece of paradise!

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Thank you Deb for making this movie.
beach movie

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