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This scenario happened during church on Sunday.

Before communion my friend’s toddler came to join her family in the pew so she could participate in the blessing.  As she was settling into the seat, Ben was sharing some of his toys from his church bag with her.  He hands her the Etch-a-Sketch.  As she turns it over in her hand, she looks up at her mom and says,

“This won’t turn on.”

The entire row and the row behind us cracked up laughing.  Oh the next generation . . . I wish I could look at the world through their eyes.  How different it is!




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I was cleaning up the photos on my phone and I found these two. They are some of my favorite from our vacation. The view of the gulf that we got to wake up to every morning and our three beautiful kids at the end of the jetty with the village of Surfside in the background. The pictures will be a nice to have when I need to relax and think about simpler things. The day may come sooner than later!



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I saw this picture on my phone from vacation. Where is my head if my reading list consists of . . .
a book from the revolutionary war, a book from a World War II, a book from the civil rights movement, and two books from a post apocalyptic America.
The books were excellent but I didn’t realize until after the trip that my reading list was so heavy. I didn’t plan on it. I read everything that I brought with me. Then I read the two books that Madie brought with her and two that were already in the beach house (not pictured). I begged Chris to let me go buy more. He did and when I was on the last book he made me pace myself do that I didn’t finish before the trip.
Next trip I will plan on bringing a bigger library to chose from!


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